18 January, 2011

Weekend Pâtisserie

The choppered in items du jour are, Master French pastry chef, Jean-Yves Charon's scrumptious Croissants and Mini Croissants from Williams-Sonoma. They arrive frozen and are to be immediately whisked into your freezer...

The night before serving, pull out the number you your guests plan on consuming and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Cover with parchment and let rise overnight...

Arise yourself the next morn et voilà!

Brush the croissants with a li'l beaten egg for a showstopping glossy finish annnd to prove to your husband that you did indeed need the Williams-Sonoma Pastry Brush Set that recently arrived...

Alsooo, the perf opportunity to validate your new must have oven thermometer ensuring you don't burn the croissants as they cook...

Once the aroma of those babies baking wafts through the house it's like Paris all over again except, theeese are actually warm right from the oven...

Besides, the price of choppering in frozen croissants is much better than the price of sending me back to a real Parisienne Pâtisserie. That's an all inclusive package with plane fare, Hermès scarves and Roger Vivier shoes...

Kindness of BRM for the intel revealing that Jean-Yves Charon also sells his croissants, including the tryingtorefrainfrombuying chocolate ones, at
Trader Jo's for a fraction of the cost. Well, looks as though Babe's got a Sophie's Choice on his hands; either I can continue to have mine choppered in from Williams-Sonoma orrr he can send me to the closest Trader Jo's which lands me dangerously close to several HIGH end malls. I have a feeling I better keep that landing pad salted...XXOO


  1. les croissants sont toujours divins ! Good taste for the bonne maman confiture ! I could send you some from France!

  2. Ooh...seeing is believing! I've got to check those out (Williams Sonoma AND Trader Joe's) tout suite!

  3. Zut alores! I'm on my way to Cross Keys NOW!!! xoxo

  4. Mmmm. The only thing better than croissants with bonne maman is croissants with Nutella.

  5. They look delish. Growing up, Big Daddy used to make croissants for us every Saturday morning. No jelly for me, just lots of butter.

  6. Oooohhh, sublime! I don't live near a Trader Joe's, so I guess "salt up the landing pad!"

  7. REALLY??!!! Trader Joe's!!! There is nothing like a good croissant with a thick slathering of bonne mamman!

    Are the TJ's ones in the frozen section? I will have to look!

  8. i just received a $100 gift certificate to WS... hhhmm wonder how many i can order????