17 January, 2011

Tour de Gastronomie

Despite allll the fabulous food I indulged in while in Paris, I somehow managed to return three pounds lighter...

Croissants and Pain au Chocolat breakfasts...goat cheese on baguette and croque-monsieur lunches...truffles, French macaroons, crêpes, and chocolat chaud along the way...wine soaked, blue blood dinner hours each night...and yet, a deficit...

How is it possible to dine on traditional Parisienne fare at Restaurant Astier...

Including an all you can eat cheese course and beaucoup Puligny-Montrachet and, not walk out with your shoes suddenly two sizes too small for your snausaged toes?

Why, even the check had a caloric presentation...

There was Chestnut soup with bacon (translate lard in French) and ravioli of foie gras, roasted cod fish and mashed potatoes with black truffle and Vacherin glacé et framboise at Mon Vieil Ami on Île Saint-Louis...

Sancerre and Cobb salad at Ralph's on Saint-Germain, where I was darn lucky to nab this lone pic before Capt'n Babe and Sgt Amy of the Snob Patrol dove over their burger and lobster salad to confiscate my offending camera...

Le Grand Colbert, where my my attention to Babe's Grand Marnier crêpe served flambé was hijacked by Amy's Île Flottante, with nary a regret for sharing her lurking flu germs along with her spoon. If ever a dessert was worth a stomach flu...

How did I manage such indulgence, including eating my weight in Laderée and Pierre Hermé macaroons? Could it have been all the walking I did in my shopping frenzy? Did the shear excitement upon spying Ina Garten in the Saint-Germain Hermès stoke the coals of my metabolism? Orrr, maybe all the second hand smoke curbed my appetite? Whatever 'twas, sadly did not make it through customs...

Kindness of Amy and her father for all their fabulous restaurant intel. I anticipate a rude awakening if ever we travel without the Michelin Fahrenkopf Guide to dining...XXOO


  1. Love this post. I was in Paris for New Year's and had an absolutely lovely experience there. Macaroons are my new sinful indulgence.

    ~ thealyway.blogspot.com ~

  2. Mais oui, french women have many secrets for living a life....

  3. that looks so great! :D which macaroons do you like better? My fav are the rose ones from laduree but friends say great things about the chocolate ones from PH.
    :) SP

  4. I'm loving all your post about Paris. You look tres chic in your mink --you know how I feel about vintage furs!

    Pop over to monkey grass hill this week. I'm doing a fantastic jewelry giveaway.

  5. That cheese course looks amazing! I know a thing or two about having your camera confiscated...may be the hardest thing about blogging! Persistent is key and the confiscator is usually happy with the pics on a later date. Everything looks/sounds delish. xx

  6. It's the walking...whenever I got to Scotland I eat my way from town to town, village to village and end up losing 8lbs. Either that or batter is suddenly diet food.

  7. Clearly you showed Paris what for. As I would hope and expect. Love the stole. How nonchalantly chic can you get.:).

  8. Yes, I think I have put pounds on just looking at these delish pictures!! The french have it all figured out :)

  9. Your next assignment: Write a diet book STAT. xoxo

  10. I spent a week in Paris eating at Guy Savoy, L'Arpège, Le Bristol, Le Jules Verne and Taillevent as well as breakfast every morning at Hôtel Plaza Athénée. I didn't gain a pound. I think it has everything to do with not eating salty, processed foods and with savoring every bite.

    My favorite macaroons were the Ladurée caramel with salted butter. My mouth waters thinking of them.

    Your vacay sounds divine! And I love the fur - looks so chic!

  11. I think further research is needed - you must re-visit repeatedly and take note of weight loss patterns -
    the American diet seems to be counter-productive to weight loss...discuss.

  12. Seeing Ina in Hermes is the icing on the Parisian cake!

  13. Yes, seeing Ina was indeed a highlight! And, as far as Ladurée vs Pierre Hermé, I have to say I found the PH macaroons superior. Now, that's superior to an already ahhhmazinggg Ladurée macaroon so, ya seriously can not go wrong either way...XXOO

    ps...I died for the chocolate and cassis, the salted caramel and the rose flavors.

  14. was the three pounds lighter before or after the stomach flu???!! Thanks for this gastronomic journey... I want to go back... immediately!

  15. I love to travel vicariously. Love your fur - is that a stole or a jacket? I have a similar garment in back of closet...