12 January, 2011

The Paris Haul

Fly on the twitter wall...

at the mothership thinking of @summerisaverb (@ Paris Hermès)

@melissacmorris wish i was there w/u instead of driving thru a blizzard while just ON paris time. let my last dying words be, hermès silk and cashmere shawl...XXOO

@summerisaverb amen sister. and mine will be: lanvin flats, in assorted colors

Although, the Hermès silk and cashmere shawl was not one of my Paris purchases, I'm doing a fine job of living vicariously through Amy's til I get my hot li'l shaking hands on one to call my own...

Annnd, I have also added her Couvertures et Tenues de Jour silk dip-dyed scarf purchase to my post Paris lust list. Babe will ruuue the day he was virtually doubled teamed abroad, for clearly two Hermès heads are better than one...

He can barely manage this team of one for on my inaugural Saint-Honoré Hermès recon mission, my eyes zeroed in on the Soirée de Gala scarf...

I couldn't wait to phone Amy's room later that evening and ask if she was accepting visitors and their Hermès purchases from her sick bed...

The scarf had made it's way from the box to my neck prior to dinner which now freed up my arms for carrying the rest of my haul along for Show and Tell visiting hours...

Although...my Roger Vivier Chips flats had also managed to lead a short box life...

And, 'twas only for a lack of tan that I managed not to break the seal on these gold babies. Unless...pairing them with J. Crew flannel jammie bottoms and prancing around the hotel room counts as a seal break...

Babe held firm against all of Amy's and my wishes to buy for him, managing to deflect every Louis Vuitton cashmere scarf, Vilbrequin trunk and Tod's loafer we threw at his wallet. It was only after Mr. Fahrenkopf lured him into club Bvlgari tie that a habit was born...

Make that two habits born in Paris...

Kindness of Babe for being sooo generous in Paris. I would, however, like it noted for the record, that I walked away from the Hermès Cape Cod Double Tour watch. Which, according to my tactical play book, leaves the ball in my silk and cashmere, Goyard tote court...XXOO


  1. I must have those shoes. I am obsessed by them. Apparently I never thought to check, but they sell Roger Vivier at the Beverly Hills Neiman-Marcus.

    If I were not struck down by the West Coast version of the evil flu-bug, I would be there waiting for the doors to open. Rush hour traffic and bad parking be damned! I love those shoes!

  2. I am drooling over your Paris beauties! Thank you for sharing. Please tell us more about Goyard. I want to buy but will have to call one of their stores and buy over the phone and am just not sure. So glad you are over the flu bug -- not fun!

  3. Not only are you witty, but equaly dangereuse.

  4. Ah, you did not disappoint! Hermès, Goyard and Vivier are such lovely things to need to declare.

    Two questions - what kind of dog would you say is on the tie? And how do the Vivier run with regard to size? Thanks!

  5. quels achats belle, ma chère! hoping that goyard makes its debut around these parts soon! ;) also hoping you're well-rested from both your bout with the flu and the multi-state tour!

    [had some technical difficulties this morning--i blame the snow. sorry if this comment posted twice!]

  6. Ahhhhh! What a collection of beauties! I simply adore each piece. Wear them in good health, darling! Xx!

  7. Ah ha! Mystery solved. The reason for the long, drawn out (although highly entertaining!) reveal must be because you are awaiting a certain overseas delivery to show up on your doorstop. Those custom Goyard monograms can't be done overnight!
    Your purchases are stunning & classic. Enjoy!
    Thank you for sharing with us. Hope you're also going to do a post on what you wore. Some of us snow-bound East Coasters would love to know how our more fashionable Parisienne sisters tackle this weather!
    Merci, LP

  8. Well I've just arrived to the Goyard party so I'm not well versed. I suggest going to Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore blog and typing "Goyard" into her search box. EAS knows her Goyard. And, the dogs on the Bvlgari tie kinda look like Terriers and on the front near the bottom there is oooone lone, blue kitty. Lastly, I am a US 9 but a European 39.5 which translates to a 9.5 there. So, in that respect, the Viviers fit true to my Euro size...XXOO

  9. I adore the gold chips flats...so chic! The Couvertures et Tenues de Jour scarf is on my Hermes lust list as well. I am very proud of you for having enough self restraint not to get a Goyard tote...luckily Barneys and Bergdorfs is just a train ride away! xx

  10. LOVE the scarf! Fantastic choice - life is a soiree de gala!

  11. There is a restaurant in Paris with framed Hermes scarves and silks covering the walls. Many of them are the hand-painted prototypes of the various designers.

  12. Lovely pieces! Enjoy,
    I am sending you an award!

  13. My word, what an excellent vacation!