13 January, 2011

Allie von Chocolate Whisperer

Fly on the screen peering at a gmail exchange between moi and, a currently in Paris, Mel...

...and, i don't remember the name of the chocolate shop, but it was across from the saint-germain polo on the left side of the adjacent street. i had the truffle that was dusted in cocoa powder and 'twas theee BEST piece of chocolate i have ever put in my mouth! for once, one WAS enough...XXOO moi

...was it the Roger Patrick chocolate shop? that's where i go when i'm in st germain and it's right by polo...xoxo, m

yes!!! 'tis the exact same chocolate shop. hows about them apples? XXOO moi

...ah, i love that chocolate shop - you have great taste! my friend, whom i often travel with, had an apt in paris for 14 years. she said it's the best chocolate in the entire city...xoxo, m

Same fly later eavesdropping on a conversation between me and Babe...

(in my itoldyaso singsong voice) Melissa C. Morris said that chocolate shop I dragged you into across from Polo was the best chocolate shop in alllll of Pareee...

"The Titanic."


"Yup. Looked like a boat inside. Felt like I needed some of those Goyard steamer trunks."

Well, you can just get me some of those steamer trunks Mister so I can load up on those truffles the next time we're in town cuz it turns out my li'l Patrick Roger discovery was once named "Best French Chocolatier". I triiied to tell yaaa it was the best piece of chocolate I'd ever had...

Kindness of Babe and Amy who will now and forever more defer to the expertise of my palate wherest all chocolate is concerned. In fact, I prefer y'all to address me as, Allie von Chocolate Whisperer...XXOO


  1. Alice, I am an American based in Rome and an avid follower of your blog. I've never commented before but I laughed when I saw this post because my travel company leads a "chocolate walk" in Paris and Patrick's is one of our main stops - in fact, last winter we went to visit his laboratory. It was like Wonka's chocolate factory!! Here's the link for the next time you are in Paris: http://www.contexttravel.com/city/Paris/walking_tour_details/Chocolate_walk

    Planning any Italian trips soon? Rome is a magical place for fashion and food!

  2. Last week, my husband and I saw "Kings of Pastry" and to be awarded that "red white and blue collar" is quite the honor. No easy task to become the best French Chocolatier.....but so easy to enjoy a taste!

  3. LOVE all of the Paris posts. Husby and I are spending a week there at the end of Feb/beginning of March. My must-do list grows every time you post something new!

  4. Now you are talking the language of love. La Maison du chocolat delivers as well.

  5. Planning a trip now and your posts are like gold to me! xo

  6. right after our conversation i went out and ate so many of those chocolate; they are DELICIOUS. and it's funny, i also came back a few lbs lighter despite my excessive chocolate, cheese, and wine consumption - paris must be a magic city.