10 January, 2011

Dispatch From The Road

It's been a crazy couple of days and it ain't over yet. It started with karma slinging a sleepless night my way for infecting Hilbils with my flu. So much for my sister and I escorting the girls back to school with a 6am start. More like, all of us up helping a très sick Hilly til 5am and a 24 hour delay in hitting the road. Sooo, an alarm clock reset followed by Greenvulle, Columbia and a brief respite in Charlotte til we hit the road again trying to outrun mother nature...

Babe's been keeping my exhausted spirits up with boatloads of incoming pic texts and dispatches from home...

Ohhh, what I'd give to be curled up in a ball asleep...

Kindness of the bff Kimba for hosting us tonight at Casa Howlin. Although, not sure if it actually counts as a "night" with Mother Nature forcing a 3am checkout...XXOO


  1. Snow is most definitely on its way here in Greenvullle, as you say. Hope the rest of your trip is uneventful, and that the new year is full of good health!

  2. Yes, South Carolina is not where you'd want to be right now... Snow AND ice, ice, ice. And we so don't know how to handle such down here!

  3. so funny that you noted greenvulle, i am from there and now live in dc and people always comment when i say it that way!