31 January, 2011

The Ballad Of Lolly Crockett

Daddy bestowed Lolly and her Coon tail with a new theme song and we had the loop playing allll weekend...

Looolleee...Laaally CROCKETT kaaaween of the wild frontierrr...

Home fer the winter with her family,
Happy watching squirrels in the ol' pine tree,
Bein' the kitten she wanted to be,
Close to her Pilgie as the pod and the pea.
Looolleee, Laaally CROCKETT, Holdin' her family dear!

But the ice went out and the warm winds came
And the meltin' snow showed tracks of fun and game

And the flowers of Spring filled Mummy's Simon Pearce vase with flame

And all of a sudden life got too tame.
Loooleee, Laaally CROCKETT, Headin' for trouble again!

Kindness of our li'l too cool for school Lolly Crockett for not growing up too fast. Just cuz your tails fillin out girlfriend doesn't mean you don't need your Mama anymore...XXOO


  1. That's hilarious. What a great way to start off the week.

  2. Smiling from ear to ear. Love these kitten posts more than my luggage!

  3. hysterical, i love it! glamourpuss she may be, but she's in touch with her redneck roots as well.

  4. Such cute feline cats! They are so adorable!

  5. This post is especially hilarious to this girl from Tennessee :-) I am loving everything in the pic: lamp, art, flowers, and LOLLY Crockett! xoxo

  6. Love this. Your cats always put me in good spirits.

  7. HAH! This is so funny. I went to school in Santa Barbara not far from the "Fess Parker" resort. Of course the logo was a coonskin cap! Lollllllly, Lally Crockett!

  8. Portrait-worthy photos of Lolly with the poppies and the Chinese lamp! Patty, my Himalayan, has a Coon tail too - but Patty Crockett doesn't have the ring that Lolly Crockett does!

  9. I'm a fan of your rhymes. You go, girl! ha!!

  10. Awwwww look! The kitties are spooning....