05 January, 2011

We Alllmost Didn't Make It

Over a très late Christmas night dinner of Crown Roast we spied snow falling through my parent's dining room windows. Not good. Within an hour our flight out of Philly to Paris the following day had been cancelled and the airline was refusing calls. Really not good. By the time we awoke the following morn we were well on our way to a 15 inch accumulation, the Philly airport was shut down and the airline was still refusing calls. Baaad...

Babe was mere minutes into his emerging fantasy of being snowbound on the sofa with me in the kitchen and football on the tube all week til my tantrum squashed that li'l dream bubble then bashed it to smithereens for good measure. Drastic actions were called for. We had one shot of getting out of the driveway and that was growing slimmer with each passing flake. An ultimatum was given, and said ultimatum was met; I was showereddressedpackedforparisandinthecar in under an hour. We were going to drive through the blizzard and take our chances at Dulles...

Six harrowing hours and many flipped trucks in ditches later, our trusty two wheel drive pulled in to the DC St. Regis where Babe had secured us a sweeet and managed to rebook us on a flight out of Dulles the following day...

Here's were my backup fantasy of living in the sweeet and consolation shopping at the Tysons Hermès all week started to form...

But, alas, Paris beckoned...

Sooo, I spent no less than two hours in the bathroom with the Disneyesque hologram TV in the mirror and the giant tub that held water up to my neck before bidding bonsoir to the long, stress filled day...

After my fav room service breakfast of yogurt, fruit, granola, croissant and a pot of tea, we left our neighboring White House digs, hit up the G'town Patagonia and Ralph Lauren for some last minute "essentials" then headed to Dulles where we managed an even earlier flight out. All's well that ends well with sweeets at the St. Reg and even better flights to Paris...

Kindness of Babe for driving through a blizzard annnd springing for my new DC home away from home. That's correct sir. I can't be expected to ever settle for the Fairfax again after THAT stay...XXOO


  1. I wondered how that storm might have affected your travel plans. All's well that end's well, oui?

  2. Lot's of stories from this recent snow...
    That St Regis room looks like I could have easily blown of Paris for a long stay...

  3. You must have a fantastic husband ! What a stress it must be ... But Paris deserves it .

  4. You totally and completely crack me up. Babe is a Saint and don't ever let him go!

  5. All of the sudden, I want to be one of those "paparazzi's"following you at break neck speed....detailed notes of your travels and "travailles!"
    Glad you landed safe on both sides....
    whew, what a harrowing adventure. Truth be told, I did not want it to end.

  6. Sweetie - know you aren't feeling well. Please don't publish this comment. I'm only telling you that you used 'were' rather than 'where' 3 times in the post.

    First paragraph - "... we were well on our way."

    Second paragraph - "We were going to drive through ..."

    Last paragraph - "... then headed to Dulles were we managed ..."

    Feel better soon and looking forward to the rest of your story. So glad you made it to Paris - such a pretty place to visit especially for those of us that love orange boxes with brown ribbon. *Hugs*

  7. Glad you are feeling better at this end...and also that you made the best of a harrowing experience at the start!

    I hate to say it, but as I read your post my fingers were itching to edit the typos! My bad!

    Looking forward to the next installation...wish I didn't have to wait until tomorrow (or midnight tonight)!

  8. Okay, after referencing emails from Babe, my mother, three from Kimba and the above two comments, I think I have corrected all the typos. Merci beaucoup to my great team of editors for I am, indeed, still not feeling up to par. Fingers crossed there are no typos in this comment...XXOO

  9. Fun, fun! That sweet in the St Regis would have made for a fantastic consolation had y'all not made it to Paris!

  10. Sweet suite! Can't wait for part deux.

  11. Lol...anonymous has too much time on her hands

  12. Wish we had been closer, I'm still jet lagged!

  13. Anonymous and Bisbee - Allie has admitted that she is under the weather so that she is posting ANYTHING is a miracle. Combine her enthusiasm and excitement about her trip with her under-the-weatherness and there are BOUND to be typos.

    (FYI - I was a proofreader in my first job out of college; if I can see through the typos, everyone else can too.)

  14. Please, all you budding editors out there, contain yourselves. This girl has been on a whirlwind trip, come home with a flu bug and is managing some posts that you apparently wait anxiously to see. Lighten up.

  15. So glad you made it to Paris and happy that the mishaps of your trip there were alleviated with luxury hotel therapy. My favorite kind.

  16. Does Babe have a brother who is as thoughtful, wonderful, accomodating, wonderful, generous, lovely & (did I mention) wonderful as Babe sounds? If so, there is a line of us in C'ville who would love to meet him.

  17. kp, ilovelimegreen and elseinwmsb - I was only trying to help someone that I 1). know to be a perfectionist and 2). understood to be unwell and also recovering from travel. I was not trying to be critical. I will keep my red pen to myself henceforth as the BFF has her girl covered. Like all here I love reading Allie's blog and greatly enjoy her point of view and joie de vivre.

  18. Love the happy ending to this story - especially w/the added bonus of the St. Regis.