25 January, 2011

Paris Through My Eyes

When PVE said she "couldn't wait to see Paris through my eyes" I wondered, what exactly does that mean and how will I translate that into a post?

Well, by George Sanc, I think I've got it! What interesting tidbits, besides the Hermès scarf as a sleep mask trick, did I cull from my Parisienne adventure? Welp, according to the annotations the mice in my head made while abroad, I did notice a thing or two...

Anyone else recognize this obelisk from an embossed image on a certain, worn Van Cleef and Arpels business card? One that has been lovingly, wistfully carried around with Alhambra pricing written on the back for the past year and a half...

Ding!Ding!Ding! went the alarms in my head when the recognition settled in. Turns out VC&A first opened it's doors in 1906 at the Place Vendome (home to the obelisk) in Paris. A fact that I, regretfully, did not parlay into a purchase...

Although, it seems like nearly everyone in Paris smokes, you'll see nary a discarded butt on the ground...

It's considered très gauche to eat or drink while walking. I gave myself special dispensation upon leaving Ladurée with my first, of many, macaroon purchase...

Whether it's teen girls, older women, or father and son, you'll commonly see the French link arms when walking à deux...

Black puffers may peg you for American but, apparently Lilly Pulitzer does not for I spied a French woman in a Murfee scarf on Saint-Germain...

If you think Goat cheese couldn't possibly be improved upon ya haven't tried it deep fried atop a bed of field greens...

Even when it's 20° outside you'll be hard pressed to find an empty table at any of the beaucoup cafes with outdoor seating. And, coming from someone who's usually clamoring for a table under a heat lamp in Florida, in Paris it's not cold, it's romaaantic...

Purchases by French designers, such as Hermès and Roger Vivier, are less expensive than in the states. Purchases by American designers, such as Ralph Lauren, are more expensive than in the states. A fact, that Amy deemed necessary to disseminate while in Polo with Babe thiiis close to buying me a black velvet Collection opera coat of his choosing...

Chanel hasn't made headbands in years. You kill my Collection coat purchase in Polooo, I'll embarrass you in Chanel...

Advil PM is da bomb for jet lag...

Apparently, the French Police are still chasing Jason Bourne through the city night AND day...

Again, kindness of Mr. Fahrenkopf for snagging us those coveted tickets to the sold out Monet retrospective which, we're learning, has people,
including Jodie Foster, queued for up to 5 hours in frigid weather just to see the exhibition. I guess the least I can do is absolve your daughter of her Polo store sin...XXOO


  1. I had French exchange students my senior year of high school and summer after Freshman year of college. If you complimented an item of their Mama, in my case a gold domed ring, they would give it to you on the spot. Years later when they came to visit me and complemented my polo shirts, I literally gave them the shirts off my back. This is not required by a lovely memory of my French family. J'adore Paris and your view is fabu of course.

  2. Dear Alice,
    Just what I needed on a cold morning to cheer me. Now about that wonderful belt you are wearing in the photo....will you share who's that is? Thank you, as always for making my day.


  3. love your eyes and your take on Paris! nothing about any of the WC's and to crispy paper? Sorry, I had to go there....

  4. Your gorgeous photos are making me antsy to get on the Eurostar like right now!

  5. Wonderful post!!!! Wonderful! (Okay, that sounded a little 'Lawrence Welk-ish)....

    I was really anticipating this and wondered when you were gone if you'd display many photos. Thanks PVE for the unique idea of seeing it through Alice's eyes.

    By the way, I know you've posted about that belt before, but you must refresh my memory....and let me grab Mr. T's credit card!

  6. It's a vintage Christopher Ross fox buckle paired with an Hermès leather strap. If you put "Christopher Ross" into the search box on my blog it will pull up any posts I have done on his gooorgeous buckles...XXOO

    ps...and, yes, the tp was quite scruffy :)

  7. As usual, everything you have on...is also in my closet. Down to the CR belt. :-) BB shirt? Fabulousness!!!!


  8. It is such a shame that I am related to THOSE Van Cleef(s) - which was American-ized to Van Clief - and I don't have any of their pieces. Hmmm maybe as a wedding giftie from the supportive fiance? :)

  9. Wow--this post makes me yearn to go to Paris very soon! I would just love to stroll those gorgeous streets and of course pop into a few of those shops. ;)

  10. i loved those lights in the trees on the Champs-Elysées. i miss paris!!! love your pics.

  11. All lit up and beautiful. Sigh.

  12. What a TERRIFIC post! I love seeing Paris through your eyes. Looks like a grand time was had by all!

  13. There's nothing like the Champs lit up in the winter. Now, for the serious question, do you wear your His is Hers tuxedo shirt for more than nighttime? I can't imagine hiding it away! Does it run true to size for anytime wear?

  14. I've actually only worn it for daytime over leggings and skinny jeans. It was theee perf shirt for comfortable travel. Also, I found that it ran slightly big seeing that I'm generally a size 8 but, only took a pretty generous small...XXOO

  15. Alice, I am with Tricia Christmas in Paris is beautiful, and love love love (Eloise's nanny voice) your wardrobe pics.

  16. Alice, it is a true pleasure to see Paris through your eyes. You look fabulous as always.


  17. OMG, how gorgeous!I love city lights! And your belt ;-)

  18. I adore this post. Paris is my favorite city! I could live on Laduree macarons and hot dogs in baguettes with spicy mustard. You look so chic!