26 October, 2009

Tweet Jules Reid

Several weeks ago Jessica from The Love List tweeted about a post she just did on designer Jules Reid. Well, one peeksie at that post and it was love indeed. Love at first profile pic. Ummm, I wanna buy the shirt off Jules' back...Literally.

It's Milly meets...

Mrs. Roper...

...meets Elizabeth Taylor as a preppy Cleopatra all sewed up into one label. I fired off an email to Ethan at Sherman Pickey tout de suite with barely masked selfish intentions...


Wow, you are good! We picked up a few things for spring from this line. Her clothes are amazing, tasteful and chic. Jules actually lives in Fredericksburg and shops here on occasion which is an added bonus. We are hoping to have her in the store for a spring show so be on the lookout for that. Keep passing along your suggestions, you are right on target!


Oh nooo...will I move back in the hood in time for the event? Puhleeeze Ethan...throw a handicapped, moved out of town girl a bone and promise me you'll put aside the Teddy dress. Pretty please with lots of Am Ex on top..

Kindness of Jessica Nell Graves at The Love List for having smashing taste and Ethan at Sherman Pickey who I can count on to be one fashion step ahead of me at all times...


  1. Just when I was accepting all things Fall...you send me straight back to a Summer state of mind. Fabulous find!!! I have my faves picked out and am once again pining for sun kissed skin and the gentle blonde highlights that only the warm sun and ocean can provide. Kimba

  2. When Jessica posted those I was drooling over my computer. Hmmm, time to move to Palm Beach and lounge about in Jules Reid finery?

  3. Love this, new to me, line! You are the best at seeking out great finds.

  4. LOL trust you to find some summer outfits!

  5. Love these! And Fredericksburg!? Icing on the cake. Love it. My second fave VA town (behind Cville of course). That pink top is to die for.

  6. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Only you can make me want to be Mrs. Roper. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  7. I love the tunic with the shorts this is adorable. Cant wait for her line to come out!

  8. I love the tunic with the shorts this is adorable. Cant wait for her line to come out!

  9. Great tunics! I'll have to keep an eye out for her clothing line.

  10. I like the maxi. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth.

  11. LOVE this!!! Hope the move went/is going smoothly!

  12. All these very creative and talented people that come via Wall Street! (thinking of Charlotte Moss and some other names I can't recall at the moment)...

    Not only are her clothes pretty, she is a looker herself! Go Jules.