08 October, 2009

Facebook Mail Bag Part Deux

Continuing with destination suggestions for my fellow never blond or tan enough friend Karin...

Tops on my non-Mexican list is Roundhill in Jamaica. Regulars here include the late Babe Paley and the Laurens. As in Ralph and Ricky. N'est-ce pas?

I know that Melissa C. Morris is a fan of Half Moon also in Jamaica. And, considering Mel's track record of fantastic taste and the fact that she has returned each year for as long as I have been reading her blog, I'm betting it's pretty top drawer...

The third island hot spot is the Turks and Caicos Amanyara where you may bump into Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Kelly mentions this place at least every other week on Live and I have mentally logged it in my virtual destination folder...

Now, if you're willing to take the requisite tan off the table I have one final suggestion...

The Mayflower Inn and Spa, located in the idyllic town of Mayflower, CT is magnifique according to Marina Rust Connor. If you don't mind the chill outdoors you can immerse yourself in massages and private nighttime yoga sessions in your room to ensure a good night's sleep...

Being the pampering co-conspirators that we are Karin, I feel quite confident that this is right up your luxury alley...

In fact, what were those dates again?

Kindness of Karin for not finding it too stalkish if she should happen to spy my familiar face whilst sunning or steaming at one of these suggested locales. Also, kindness of
Unabashedly Prep for the addition of "top drawer" into my repertoire...


  1. Oh what an escape --- all the spots look swoon worthy.

  2. LOOOOVE your suggestions.
    Can I throw Cap Juluca on the table? I loved it.

  3. Half Moon is wonderful, I used to frequent it when I was living on the East Coast.

  4. I was at Round Hill last February. (Ralph Lauren was in residence by teh way and I ended up in his outside gazebo gym - don't ask).It's a beautiful spot and we loved it. Highly recommend a quick trip if you can find some time.

  5. oh, how i love half moon - it's so old world and charming. great suggestions.

  6. I loooooove Jamaica...been there about 20 times. We usually stay in Negril, but have stayed on the south coast at Treasure Beach.

  7. Love the recommendations...those CT photos are so inviting. Oh how I miss the East Coast. Good thing I'll be up in your neck of the woods for Thanksgiving! It's not the same without the turning leaves of fall...