15 October, 2009


I truly believe my love for all things equestrian is in my blood. My father's family, the Coppages, brought the first pack of fox hunting hounds to America in 1650 and the line lives on today at the Marlboro Hunt...

And, I just confided in my good friend Dorli that if God doesn't want me to have babies then maybe it's cuz he wants me to have horses. Lots of horses...

But, until the ruling is handed down, I will indulge myself with a few equine substitutes like these J. MacLaughlin Bridget Jodhpurs...

And, these swanky Hermes playing cards...

The lady at the Boar's Head Inn shop said "people just don't wear cuff links anymore" when she saw me eying a beautiful antique crystal pair with black horses. Pshaw lady! This person does and, if youknowwho wasn't shadowing me at the time, those puppies would have been mine and I'd still want their sterling cousins too!

If I ever get thru the beast of a book I'm in the middle of now, and haven't picked up in a month, I will reward myself with something I want to read and not something Oprah recommended...

I'm nearing completion of my needlepoint hunt scene belt and narrowing down my Chuck Pinnell sterling buckle choices as we speak...

This beauty has been ruled "out of the running" and, instead has been mentally reassigned for future pairing with my alligator belt strap...

And, add Ralph Laurens riding inspired Loreen Velvet Jacket to the ever expanding pile of stuff I want from the Polo Store...

I don't want to get caught en flagrant délit of not being properly attired the next time I saddle up...

Kindness of all family members for taking notes so close to Christmas...XXOO


  1. OMG your photos are awesome! I am sure I had a horsey just like that when I was little!

  2. My Father loves to say "You can take a gal out of Kentucky, but you can't take the Kentucky out of a gal."
    Horses are like that too - they are in your blood!
    Thoroughbred blood! Love those vintage photos.

  3. I am in the process of reading "Hounded to Death". I just love of of the Sister Jane mysteries. My late grandfather was a fox hunter. He would have loved these books.

  4. Well if it isn't Little Allie Godiva!

  5. A bit off topic, but I would be interested to know what magazines you subscribe to--I'm always looking for interesting reads and I would think you would have very good taste in this area.

  6. adorable and how neat to have blood-connections to the root of fox hunting in America! there is just nothing quite as fabulous as a family sport, is there?!


  7. Ha! We currently have the same playhorse sitting in our family room - the kids ride it constantly! I, too, share your affection for all things horsey, being a Kentucky gal and all. While I may not ride the ponies, I certainly bet upon them! And, I adore the many fashion influences as well.

  8. Those JM pants rule--I'll totally have to copy you!!!! oxox


  9. I love and have all of the Rita Mae Brown books in my library. I love the Sister Jane series, but also the Sneaky Pie series. As a matter of fact, one day I packed up my SUV and drove all the way to Crozet, Virginia (near Charlottesville) just to see what it was like.

    Horses are addictive aren't they? I was on my first horse at 13 months, and I still - 46 years later love to ride.

  10. The magazines I subscribe to are Elle Decor, Vogue, Bazaar and Hamptons. Also, I pick up US Weekly in the check out line each week like it's my job. I miss Domino terribly, my mother-in-law gifts me Traditional Home, and I want Garden and Gun again. Babe lives for his Inc as well as the yearly Inc 500 and Forbes 400, both of which I am forbidden to toss...XXOO

  11. love, love, love your blog-found it a few months ago when home with a back injury. We have a beloved older son (4th year) at UVA-little one (19!) at Nova. I too love horses, Lilly, etc and ADORE your fashion sense and writing.
    You WILL be a mom-I am one of 11-yes, you read that correctly! and my 79 year old mom still as always matches me for H and W-5'8", 135. I thought I would have a PACK of little ones-she is a former RN and seemed to never let pregnancy slow down parenting, PTA, golf, tennis, bridge, sailing and corporate entertaining; yes, the original Wonder Woman as we 7 girls call her!
    Each of us is unique and the curtain came down on me and 4 of my sisters most unwillingly at 1 or2-rare platelet types and all that. Happily it seems that you are in wonderful medical hands. I also have 3 friends who have children less than 9 months apart-each family adopted and then conceived!

  12. I love your blog. I also love all things equestrienne. I wonder if there is a size chart for the Mclaughlin website. I covet the jodpurs but I'm not sure on sizing. Did you find one?

  13. I love your pictures and they remind me so much of my baby/childhood ones (that late 60s-early 70s "look") and I don't see how they could because I thought you were much younger than me?...

    I have so many horse pictures and objets d'art around here that you'd think I was part of the Fox Hunt horsey set you know, for real....There is just something I like about all of it. They represent civility, good taste and the old days when people just knew what really matters in life....(okay I borrowed that line from my Sloane Ranger Handbook, but it does fit)...

  14. Love your wish list and your pics.
    I am a vendor at Horse shows and I think it would be a VERY dangerous place for you, especially sans hubby :)