13 October, 2009

Rascally Rabbit Slipped Through My Fingers

The timing couldn't have been more unfortunate...

The très rare Christopher Ross pink eyed bunny buckle AND matching pink belt strap came up for auction this past week colliding with a Babe imposed spending lock down...

I spent all weekend watching the final hours of the auction slip by and scheming my brains out to no avail...

What's a distressed girl to do over the loss of such heavenly pinkness? I switched pink gears and drowned my sorrows in Baked and Wired strawberry cupcakes and FedExed a prayer that one day my bunny belt would come back to me...

God worked fast cuz the following day I received this email:

Hello PinkandGreen,

Love your Summer is a Verb blog and I've found it great that you wrote a bit about the Christopher Ross belt buckle collection.
Could you also include in your blog our brand new website:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact or email me anytime.
Many thanks!

Unfortunately, they don't seem to have the pink eyed bunny in their collection at the moment but that's okay. I'm confident it's only a matter of time and, til then, the fox and the frog will keep me from overdosing on cupcakes...

Kindness of God for getting back to me in such a timely fashion and affirming my belief in fashionable belt karma when you obey your hubby...


  1. That silly wabbit! Perhaps carrots will do the trick to lure le petit lapin home.
    These are so wonderfully chic and make me smile. I love froggie and foxy too.

  2. Oh, my sympathies for the loss of the adorable pink eyed bunny belt. If I ever get my middle slimmed down again I will join you in the hunt for the illusive bunny belt.

  3. Baked and Wired is the perfect distration from a shopping craving!

  4. Of all the bakeries doing cupcakes Baked and Wire is far superior to the rest.

  5. God is amazing-sometimes-no?

    Allie...I'm SO not a good minder-tender-shepherd of the balance sheet and checkbook. And...I'm not tryin' to start anything regarding the Babe $$ lockdown. HOWEVER, remember that you had a TWO DRESS credit from the Lily store in Rehoboth...a fiscally theoretical credit since you didn't buy those two dresses. You could have used that "credit" for the auction belt. Amazing that I of all people remember that and had to remind you. I suppose my rationalization-denial skills are in full form in prep for the big cash throwdown that I'll do later in the week.

    Don't make me have to step back over here and remind you of such things again.

  6. I am confident a bunny belt will find it's way into your life at some point!

  7. You so deserve deus ex machina for a bunny belt.

  8. Hi there...I want the fox buckle! I think you should start writing checks at the grocery store and see if they will add a little extra (usually $50). After 2 or 3 months, you will have a cash stash for your buckle!!! I have many tricks like this up my sleeves, I have been hiding shopping bags in my trunk ever since 10th grade. It is one of the "musts" of finding my future husband, finding someone I do not have to hide purchases from. As I get a little older and listen to all my friends, I am realizing that EVERYONE hides things here or there from their husbands. Oh well, I hope you get your belt!!!!

  9. I have just aquired the frog, dove and dog buckles by Christopher Ross but unfortunely do not have any staps to fit them. I guess I will have to have some made but could you tell me how the straps fit the buckle.

  10. Lucky you! Unfortunately, I can't be of much help cuz I have yet to find a strap for my own fox buckle. Anne Lake blog says she uses Hermes straps and I'm not certain of the engineering. I think she also mentioned using old Pappagallo straps and having holes punched in them. I do need to get on this myself. Please email me if you happen to find a stash of CR belt straps in your travels...XXOO

  11. I have a Christopher Ross pink eyed bunny buckle with a black suede belt, it is gorgeous and is in excellent condition. Please let me know if you are interested in making a reasonable offer. Thanks!

  12. You're darn right I'm interested! Please email me at pinkandgreen@gmail.com with your price and I'll see if Babe's we just bought a beach house budget tether stretches that far ;)