17 October, 2009

A Rare Weekend Posting

There was a panic in the blogging (and female) community this week when Maxminimus briefly closed up shop. Who could fill those navy Weejuns?

As the elected official sent to snoop into this disappearance I thought it only fitting that I barter being the lucky dog to announce his return in exchange for his temporary gag order. So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you in all his Flusser glory, the return of Maxminimus...

Kindness of ADG for bestowing on me the chance to be the big cheese. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaack...


  1. Hooray! Thanks for letting us know, Allie.

  2. Yes, Allie, thank you so much.

    So glad to see that he is back!


  3. Yay! And that is the most fabulous picture....love all the Spy prints in the background...I just posted some of my own...

  4. Mission Accomplished!
    Thanks Allie