19 October, 2009

Ohhh They Knew Me Well

I was rooting through storage prepping for our dreaded move when I came across my old Miss Piggy Autograph Book. It was just the laugh I needed...

Ohhh what I wouldn't give to still have that coveted OP collection. When is that revival going to come around?

This was my bestie Lorie, aka Pickle, who could make a mint writing a "tell-all" if I should ever happen to become famous. We were forever trying to grow out our overly chlorinated locks, convince our parents that they could indeed trust us to be sent to boarding school, and scheming how to "borrow" our parents credit cards to get the clothes we obsessed over...

This was my other friend Deanna, aka Peckie, who came each year to spend the summer with her mother. She would arrive each June a Jersey girl and leave each September a madeover prep...

The ironic thing about this entry from my sister Genevieve is that she does do a tremendous amount with Babe and I. No cruises to Hawaii or Hawii with us yet but, not that far off the mark...

Pshaw Mandy! I've still got a lifetime ahead of me and that dream...

My sisters sure envisioned me on a lot of cruises. Must have been during our Danielle Steele phase...

Kindness of Piggy, Pickle, Peckie (we were BIG on the nicknames), Genevieve and Mandy for picking up my spirits when the were dipping like the temperature...XXOO


  1. Great memories and aspirations! Refresh my memory, what are OP's? Nail Polish perhaps????

  2. You are moving? With in the neighborhood, I hope!

  3. OP as in Ocean Pacfic?
    I think you and I are about the same age...I bet we have a lot of the same memories lol like the Danielle Steele phase - tho her cruises were often quite tragic or sad lol!

  4. Oh my gosh! How adorable!

    I have one from Hershey Park in PA. My parents often took us there, and they sold books where you could get the candy bars to sign.

    I have a lot of signatures from candies...

  5. OP shorts - I remember that craze - and the quest in Bethany Beach to find the one OP long sleeved shirt that NO ONE else had - I still have that shirt!

  6. Yes, OP's were the Ocean Pacific wide and pinwhale cord shorts that I had in every imaginable color. And, sadly Dickie, we are temporarily moving out of the hood. Our landlord is selling our apartment so I am decamping to the beach until Josh wraps up his study in Tokyo and we can set out again to find just the right digs...XXOO

  7. good wishes for a smooth move!

  8. I think I need a Little Miss Piggy autograph book currently. What fun to go back, read and reminiscence!

  9. So cute. And you are moving to the beach for now but will be separated from Babe? Sorry, hope all goes well.

  10. Your post made me laugh so hard. Not only do I have a miss piggy tin piggy bank that I can't seem to part with that is at least 32 years old, but I have boxes of my old notes from junior high school, many of them folded into triangles. I hid the boxes so well getting ready for my trunk show, I couldn't find them for my reunion, probably a good thing! My bff Denie and I used to write on the airline barf bags and send them when we got home to each other. I have plenty of those too!
    xo kp

  11. Regarding all the cruise talk...Perhaps, like me, you were a big fan of The Love Boat? Oooh for years I wanted Julie's fun job....

  12. Good luck with your move--its like ripping off a horrible band-aid. You just have to power through and then you'll be so glad its over. At least the plus of moving is coming across little gems like this autograph book!! Xx

  13. I worked in a shop In Florida selling Op's wide wale, pinwale, in every color all through college.
    I have most of them and my daughters have taken them over.

    I smell a revival and believe I saw some pairs on the Magazine St. American Apparel store in New orleans a few months ago!