21 October, 2009

Is It Or Isn't It?

Last week while perusing my latest issue of Elle Decor I almost fell off the sofa when I turned to this picture. Could that be Jennifer Holly? Theee Jen Holly we've been unsuccessfully searching for on Facebook in our quest to reunite everyone from the old Loyola gang? It says her name is Jennifer and, with the exception of the Bergdorf highlights, it looks like the same ole Jenn to me...

And, is this her manse in Tuxedo Park where we are already planning for her to host our next reunion?

I quickly scanned my Elle Decor pictures along with these two oldies I have of Jennifer (second from left in both pics) and myself and sent out an "All Points Bulletin" thread on Facebook. Everyone weighed in with a vote, heavy in favor of "no", but it was really her old boyfriend Chip's opinion that we waited on. Chip did not disappoint...

Hey Allie,

I haven't seen Elle magazine lately, but it would be oddly coincidental: I was perusing the latest issue of Guns and Ammo, and was SURE I saw her featured in an article about a woman who took down a 12 point buck in Mississippi with her bare hands!
HER name was Jenn, also! I took one look at the picture (in which she's kneeling over a battered and bloody deer in the back of a 1974 pickup truck.....resplendant in a Lilly Pulitzer sundress) and I thought, "Holy CRAP! I KNOW that chick!".
THIS one lives with about 16 cats in a single-wide in the woods......although it does appear spacious enough for this reunion I keep hearing about! Keep me posted. I'd love to attend, if it coincides with my parole date!
Talk to you soon.


This hopeful Nancy Drew is still on the case and still accepting votes...


  1. I don't suppose Chip is a relative, is he?

    He certainly seems to have inherited the family sense of humour. ;-)


  2. Either way, Jen sounds like she is quite the extraordinary woman! Will think magic sparklies so you reconnect!


  3. hhmm, I vote no.

    pretty lady with a lovely house + family, though! and funny friend, Chip :-)

  4. I can find out for you! I live near by and have many friends who live in the "park." I play platform tennis in a league with many women from there. I will ask around.

    Only 45 minutes to an hour outside NYC and it is another world in Tuxedo Park. The homes are unbelievable. Often I think I am driving down a road and it turns out to be someone's driveway!
    Jen's done good. If it's her :)

  5. Love those old pics! And is Jenn cold natured? She's wearing her wool norwegian sweater while the girl next to her is in shorts!

    Let us know what you find out about your friend....