07 October, 2009

Facebook Mail Bag Part Un

Karin Lipinski October 1 at 1:10pm
Hi Alice! How is everything going? I was in g'town a few weeks ago and I miss it so much, I'm sure you're loving it. Rehoboth Beach isn't so bad, especially in the summer, but it's getting really quiet and I have to resort to almost all online shopping with the exception of Tickled Pink, haha!
Anyway I wanted to consult the expert on everything fabulous...my girlfriends and I want to plan a fun but not crazy trip the week between Xmas and New Years. I went to Harbour Island last year and again in April and we are going to West Palm in November. I want to try something new and of course preppy without it being St. Barts $$$$. Any suggestions?

Well, Karin, I think James Taylor sums up my current state of mind and the immediate direction I would send you and your posse...

If I wasn't fortunate enough to have my parents compound in Ixtapa to look forward to it would be Las Ventanas in Los Cabos I'd be scraping funds together for...

Or, the One & Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas where it's highly likely I'd be rubbing elbows with Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox...

And lastly, there's Las Brisas in Ixtapa where I have fond memories of crystal clear water, my first taste of octopus, the grownups indulging a teenaged me in Tanqueray and tonics and, one killer tan. I can hardly wait til January myself...

Stay tuned tomorrow for some non South of the Border recommendations...


  1. what's your take on Turks & Caicos?

  2. Cap Jaluca in Anguilla is to die for...

  3. I loved the British Virgin Islands. I spent a few nights on Tortola, then sailed between Marina Cay, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke. Fun, fun. If you go now it's very quiet. Not a lot of tourists. I remember before we sailed out of Tortola staring at the mountains and wondering why they looked so familiar. Then it hit me - it had been on the cover of a photo shoot for J. Crew.

  4. I like how there is always something sunny here.
    Suddenly I am dreaming of a calm and quiet spot to escape to, with my latest read, some needlepoint and my art supplies. Love to see what you would suggest packing to any of these destinations.

  5. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Due to technical issues (Comcast sucks) I haven't been able to log onto your blog or comment for a while. Missed your postings but I have access to them now. Can't wait to see your post tomorrow for travel recommendations to Mexico. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  6. Just say NO to Mexico!

    Maybe it's because we are just a skip & jump away (I am in Houston) but I've never thought of Mex as a particularly preppy or upscale vacation. Everyone spring breaks there though.

  7. Tune in tomorrow for Turks & Caicos Dickie. Also, the west coast of Mexico is not as spring breaky as the east coast is. Although, I will always somewhat come to the defense of the east coast solely on the grounds of my obsession with Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward's love scenes in Against All Odds. Hot, hot, HOT...XXOO