14 October, 2009

Clown Posse Reunion

A couple of weekends ago we headed back to C'ville for a wedding and what turned out to be a mini UVA Med School reunion for Babe...

The vows were exchanged in the Carr's Hill lower garden which is the home of the University's President and, father of the bride...

Cocktails immediately followed in the 100 year old Carriage House. It was the perfect setting for a Clown Posse reunion...

Babe with the Clown Posse female contingent including Drs. Micaela Chatman, Alison Hessberg (with 8 day old, posse member by birth, Ellie and her hubby, member by marriage, Kevin), Katie Rude (Clown Posse founder), and soon to be Dr. times 2, Liz Thompson...

Showing our UVA orange and blue pride with me in CKB's Bombardino Dress, doing my default Lindsay Lohan pose, and Babe in his Hermes bunny tie...

And, there they are, the Clown Posse men...Drs. Babe, Alex Hawkins, Dave Bumpass, Cullen Carter and Tom Keller...

So there you have it. The 2008 University of Virginia School of Medicine class clowns. Although, there was one missing clown, Dr. Andy Batchelet, who chose a vacation with his wife and new son over champers and chuckles with the ole gang...

And, the man of the hour, Dr. Dan Barker and his beautiful wife. Welcome to the Posse Alex...

Congratulations and best wishes to Dr. and Mrs. Barker! I wonder who's gonna be the next to go...

Kindness of Alex and Dan for including us in your big day. And, to all the Posse members who came from far and wide. Remember Katie, say rich, not wealthy...XXOO


  1. I love attending weddings and spending time with pals clowning around.

  2. What a fun evening!

    And exciting to attend a Casteen event. They are fabulous hosts.

  3. Looks like a grand evening! And you and Babe are a lovely couple.

  4. You look ah-mah-zing in that dress!!

  5. Looks like a great wedding and you and your husband look fantastic. As always:).

  6. I think Lauren said it best ah-mah-zing in the bombardino dress! Camilla should snatch you up as her next model (then maybe you can finagle a little discount) :)

  7. Love the dress and the oh so coordinated tie. Great use of the UVA colors. You both are adorable.
    That doorway is to die for!

  8. I love the CKB dress! I actually have it too, but have yet to get it altered. Did you have to get your altered? xx

  9. You had me at CKB. Loving the orange and blue color coordination -- you two look fabulous! Aren't weddings grand?
    PS: More on the scarf situation tomorrow. Hint: while yesterday's scarf was an orange and blue Hermes number, it wasn't "the" scarf...

  10. Clown Posse FOUNDER??!! Oh my goodness I love it! It was a great time to be back with all of the clowns. XXOO Katie