01 October, 2010

Calling All Cinderellas

I hardly ever peruse eBay mostly due to my already barely manageable wishlist. I don't need to be aimlessly stumbling upon random items that I must add to it...

But, I did take a wee stroll last night and found a few goodies for just the right Cinderella. Any size (US) 8.5 Belgian Shoe groupies in the crowd? Just a half a size larger and they would be mine, mine, MINE!

This Ferragamo belt would be boxed up ready to ship out to me in the morn if only I were a size extra small. A girl can dream. About the belt AND the size...

As of yesterday, all CK Bradley is vintage but, I did manage to find a VINTAGE vintage CKB wrap skirt...

If I were on Antiques Road Show this is where I would be lifting up the corner of the skirt with my chop stick and rambling on about the late 1990's...

And, now we arrive at the beginning of this decade. Circa CK Bradley Charlottesville store...

And...dangerously just my size.

Kindness of Belgian Shoe Joanie for not calling to swoon over her recent Hermes Jumbo bracelet and Gucci loafers eBay haul. I try and run a tight wishlist/purchase ship around here Joanie and if you keep luring me into trouble this could quickly become a sinking ship courtesy of Capt'n Babe...XXOO


  1. you're the best personal shopper, evah'... and if you haaaaaad to come up with a reason to buy your bakeware, you could always bake me some berger cookies, POST HOCR that is... have to go down the course at 100 and fit into a certain sparkly number!



  2. I love ebay! I never actually buy anything, but I love trolling around - lol.

    Now I have new searches to enter ;-)

  3. Love the Ferragamo belt--there are hidden treasures on eBay.

  4. great finds. i must stop by eBay. my sister lives in C'ville. i used to visit C'ville often when we lived in Richmond, but never stopped at the store. we are going up in November so i will check it out. thanks for sharing and take care.

  5. Not only do we wear the same shoe size but we have the same skirt on our wish lists....oh no!

  6. Belgian shoes. Silly. But who'd expect anything else from superficial little girls who marinate in the brine of predatorially consumer driven jokes like...like shoes with little bows. It's like some Junior League Ground Hog Day over here. Same stuff, over and over and over and over again but mostly it's those same damned little bow laden shoes. And I bet some of you little Betty Drapers have more than one pair.

  7. Well helloooo pot...where ya been? XXOO

  8. I been busy...

    1. Changing the oil in the Butt Police ATV...we've got a big sting operation going down this week. Somewhere over the Bay Bridge.

    2. Shining shoes. Latvian Loafers.

    3. Puttin' stuff on ebay for sale. We gotta lifestyle to fake over here!

  9. Butt Policia??? Quick, flush the Double Stuffed Oreos!!! XXOO