30 March, 2009

Hint, Hint...

The best Easter baskets are filled with more than beaucoup chocolate yummies. Au contraire my little preppies, most girls appreciate a well thought out and personalized basket so I thought I would lend a few suggestions for all mummies, boyfriends, aunts and sorority sisters.

The pièce de résistance of this prep basket is this Lilly pencil set from Taylor Papers that I discovered at The Monogrammed Nest while on a blog scouting expedition. One for Emma, one for Hilary, one for moi...

How perfect is this T3 Tourmaline overnight "pink edition" hairdryer found at one of my favorite sites, ballbeauty.com, where they offer free shipping and have the best prices anywhere.

I am a huge fan of the Mason Pearson comb, also found at ballbeauty.com, and have amassed quite a collection. They are a preppy classic and make fantastic gifts. Those in the know...

Although, I have enough Kiehl's lip gloss to take me to my grave, I couldn't resist picking up this latest edition today in French Rose. Very sweet and shear.

A girl I used to work with always looked as though each individual lash had mascara so delicately applied and, fortunately for me, she was willing to divulge her secret. Maybelline's Lash Discovery has a mini brush that has the most amazing effect and I have made believers of my sisters and nieces.

Everyone can appreciate Mattie Stepanek's message of hope and peace. If Mattie's book of poems, Heartsongs, was on every nightstand the world would be a better place.

Now, about that chocolate...

Kindness of Ginny at The Monogrammed Nest and also my bff Kimba Howlin for introducing me to Heartsongs.

TLC For Your Hair

Between a hairdresser that was a bit overzealous with the highlights this summer and the horrible Georgetown water, my hair rapidly turned to straw when we moved here in September. I was shocked one day in a local dressing room when I looked into the mirror and saw a trés unprep Paris Hilton starring back at me. Thank goodness my friend and neighbor Shelly told me about the Jonathon Beauty Water Shower Purification System (yes, that Jonathon from Bravo's Blow Out) at Sephora.

It was a smidgen of an investment but sooo worth it and, according to Dr. Oz (medical guru and Oprah bff), it's the best thing you can do for your locks. The Jonathon filter only needs changing every 3-6 months depending on usage and how bad your water actually is. Needless to say, being in Georgetown, I am on the 3 month rotation.

Kindness of Shelly Darling who truly is.

26 March, 2009

Lilly on Martha

There are a few de rigueurs for a true prep; good hair (no precision cuts allowed), knowing the secret to tying that uncontrived sweater knot around your neck, pearls with everything but a bathing suit, and lots, and lots of Lilly.

Last week Martha Stewart devoted an entire show to Lilly Pulitzer in recognition of their 50th Jubilee celebration and it's a total must see for any preppy.


One of the best things I took away from the show, minus an updated wishlist, was the discovery of a fabulous blog. Hopsy at Monograms and Manicures is a true keeper of the flame. I'm talking about the kind of prep we all were in the 80's before we became watered down by Hollywood and Us Magazine! So, in the spirit of getting back to the root of all things prep, Lilly's Jubilee and Hopsy, here are the purchases on my agenda for tomorrow.

The Lovell Shift Printed Jacquard

And, the Tenley Shift Multi Jacquard

Kindness of Lilly Pulitzer for not suing me over borrowing their pretty illustrations. That would be most unprep!

Merkin is the New Birkin

Nothing amuses Babe more during a week of 20 hour days than to hear jobless, childless moi complain about stress. Feigning indignation, I always remind him that it's all relative which is exactly what I was doing this morning via email during the nadir of my "slow internet" induced meltdown. Thank God, my friend Amy swooped in with an invite for a relaxing afternoon of mani-pedi's and shopping. And, after some much needed requisite girl talk (e.g. diet, exercise, lack of it and Chanel) and a daring navy polish choice (as seen on Gwyneth recently)...

...we headed over to Sassanova where Amy introduced me to my new "must have" Lauren Merkin clutch.

Something had slipped past my radar and I had better make up for it tout de suite! But, which Merkin bag to start with first? The smaller Eve in pale gold metallic lambskin which would be perfect with my Lillys?

Or the larger Louise in the "Hermes" orange snake embossed lambskin for an edgier chic feel with all of my Calypso?

But, then the brown woven leather is sooo reminicent of those old school Huarache sandals I used to love...

Decisions, decisions...

ps...just verified with Lauren from Thursday's "Spring Has Sprung" posting that she is indeed carrying the Lauren Merkin "Louise" clutch in her picture.

pps...if you go to their website and sign up for the newsletter you will receive emails with occassional discount codes like the one that was sent out a few weeks ago for 40% off! Rats.

Kindness of Amy Fahrenkopf who has quite a few more tips up her Nanette Lepore sleeve.

25 March, 2009

Fizzing Bath Powder

Wool is on the ever expanding list of things I am allergic to and a couple of weeks ago it became particularly unmanageable. And, by unmanageable I mean complete fits of scratching, crying, hives, headaches and a public scene or two much to the embarrassment of Babe. The culprit; I was brought to my knees by a Ralph Lauren wool duffel coat I had pulled from the vault (vault being a closet at my parents beach house). So, besides taking massive amounts of Benadryl, in an effort to relieve myself of symptoms I'm taking a hiatus from all scented products and I am particularly jonesing for my fizzing bath powder in fig from The Soap and Paper Factory.

The Soap and Paper Factory has really pretty, earth friendly, packaging which makes this a particularly fabulous birthday and hostess gift. The kind of gift that will solidify your reputation as the best friend and guest.

Plus, I totally love the fact that their beautifully hand crafted products are not tested on four legged preps.

23 March, 2009

Meet the Boys

This is Templeton, our 13 year old Himmy, who is affectionately known as Tat's, Tassie, Sasser, Muffin and Bon Vivs, just to name a few. And yes, he is named after the rat in Charlotte's Web but, it was also the name of the late C.Z. Guest's (a personal heroine) Long Island estate.

His passions include bird watching, eating fresh flowers, his daddy, pilfering needlepoint yarn, mummy's purple pashmina and Angel's Gate Hospice for Animals.

His signature pose is "cee peez" (slang for "crossed paws").
And this little triscuit is one year old George Washington Rockefeller who is affectionately known as The Pilge, Pilgie, Piljins and multiple other variations on the word as it moves us. He was named after daddy's favorite president as well as the infamous John D. Rockefeller of oyster fame.
His passions/obsessive compulsive disorders include sinks, tubs, toilets, giving mummy microdermabrasion at 5am, breaking Simon Pearce glasses, logging in emergency vet visits from Cirque de Soleil acts gone awry, all around mischief and Angel's Gate Animal Hospice.

His signature pose is the "Penthouse" for obvious reasons...

Angel's Gate is "a hospice for physically challenged, abused and abandoned animals that allows them to live out their days in peace, dignity and love".

22 March, 2009

Dream Trainer

One of the no-no's when doing IVF (besides, quelle horreur, no botox, no peels and no Retin A) is exercise. And, as much as I've fantasized about hearing those words during many a grueling workout, they kind of lose their luster after about a week. I especially miss doing my newly discovered, double secret weapon Tracy Anderson DVDs.

Gwyneth Paltrow, the high priestess of prep herself, and Madonna, not so prep but really rad bod, refer to Tracy as their "pint sized miracle worker". And when they can't have her one-on-one they do her DVD's.

My fav is the mat workout DVD which requires a set of 3 lb weights, a chair and just happens to have been filmed in Gwynnie's beautiful Sagaponack home gym. It's sooo tough...And, for that Dancing With the Stars physique minus the tacky sequined getup, Tracy's Dance Cardio workout is aaahamazing...

Insider tip: If you subscribe to Gwyneth's weekly newsletter, Goop, she occasionally shares her personal videos Tracy sends her while she's on the road with Madonna.
Tracy is featured on the April cover of Fitness mag as well as in the April issue of Bazaar!

19 March, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

With today's passage of the spring equinox come all the stirrings of spring fever and, for this prep, that involves becoming all hot and bothered over building my summer wardrobe and counting down the weeks til I can start working on my tan. My good friend, and way back in the day babysitting charge, Lauren just returned from a jaunt to the Caymans looking so bronzed and beautiful I could die. Seeing her picture was the equivalent of spying the first crocus peeking through the thaw.

Being a creature of habit I rarely stray from my usual suspects (e.g., Ralph, Lilly, Milly, CKB and Calypso) so I had no idea that Alice and Olivia made dresses. Pretty dresses! And Lauren was generous enough to share her shopbop.com source. Talk about the pupil surpassing the teacher! I had to shed a tear of pride.

Kindness of the lovely Lauren Flowers

Naturally Blonde Highlights

Recently, a viewer asked Martha Stewart about the haircare products she used. Now, in my book, Martha goes down as a "Best Celeb Highlights" Hall of Famer along with Reese Witherspoon, Calista Flockhart, Diane Sawyer, and newest member, Whitney Port (honorable mentions going to Gwyneth and Jennifer). So, when she gushed about Frederic Fekkai's Technician Color Care shampoo and conditioner I couldn't run out and buy them fast enough.
I will always be loyal to my Kiehl's haircare products, but these have been a nice addition to the lineup.

Available at drugstore.com, where they qualify for free shipping, and at Blue Mercury for you local DC gals.

18 March, 2009

Swankiest Sandals

Since this is my inaugural posting I figured I better pull out the big guns. What better way to debut than by revealing my most coveted handmade sandals. Canfora on the Isle of Capri has been creating these beautifully embellished sandals that have been a must all over the world since 1946.
Each pair of Canfora's is like a piece of artwork and you will be mobbed, mobbed I tell you, whenever you don a pair.

The pricing is in euros so pop over to the universal currency converter to figure out the price in buckaroos.

Then you too may lump yourself in with the other notable customers of international fame such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly, Princess Margaret, Princess Caroline, Maria Callas, Elle McPherson and Alice Richardson, natch!

POST SCRIPT: Costanzo at Canfora has kindly agreed to extend his private sale to my fashionable readers. Just put in the code TCB200809-11 and receive 15% off your entire order thru March 31. He would like me to express that this was an exclusive gift for customers who have recently ordered and since I fall into that category (woops, btw Babe, tada...I got a new pair of sandals...), and the entire world is feeling the economic squeeze, he would be more than happy to make this exception.

Kindness of the most fashionable Carol Elderling Hammond