05 October, 2010

C'ville Field Trip: The Eats

I am currently in C'ville for a week and thought you might have some insider tips for great places to shop/visit. I would appreciate any of your great advice! Elizabeth

Well Elizabeth, it so happens Babe and I were just talking about making a road trip to Hooville and of course I am already plotting my tour of gluttony. And, I'd be happy to share...

Bodo's on the Corner is theee place to see and be seen any ole morning of the week. Bacon, egg and cheddar on sesame for me please...

But, if you can muster yourself outta bed early enough on the weekend, you can't beat a brunch at the Bluegrass Grill. Warning though, if you dawdle getting there pack your Patagonia fleece cuz you'll have quite the wait outside...

When we met Lolly's breeder for the hand off last month we set the meeting place for the parking lot of the Bellair Market. That way I could also grab my beloved Montpelier sandwich. Babe'll take the Farmington...

A smidge reminiscent of Seinfeld's Soup Nazi but Christian's Pizza is sooo worth it. Just make sure you have your order ready by the time it's your turn. Oneslicemushroom onesliceavacadoandfeta and sliiiiiide to the left...

Or you can drive to Crozet Pizza for a li'l slice of history and a whole lot of charm. But, be sure and save room for a Blizzard cuz there's a DQ right across the street in the gas station/convenience/ammo store...

And, I usually wouldn't have Bizou on the brain for another couple of months but, the wind is really whipping here today and it's juuust about nippy enough for their scrumptious meatloaf and chicken potpie...

Duner's doesn't take ressies but it is very much worth the wait. May not look like much on the outside but that's okay cuz it keeps most people driving right on by. Less of a wait for those in the know and more whole Rainbow Trout pour moi...

The shwanky C & O is where you'll find the locals. But don't look for them in the main dining areas unless it's a celebratory occasion. Light fare in the bar is the secret they don't want getting out...

Although, Babe and I reserve our fancy shmancy occasions for the Clifton Inn. Go for the chef's kitchen table if possible. If not, you can easily drown your disappointment in a champagne cocktail rimmed in Pop Rocks. Besides, the other seats ain't too shabby...

And, to help assuage all the indulging guilt, go for a run on the wildly popular and scenically gorgeous Ridge Road...

You may even get lucky and catch a cub hunt. The thrill of spying the young hounds learning the foxhunting ropes is well worth that extra mile or two of penance...

Kindness of Robin Daniel for sending me the links to
My Little Scarf and Maitai's Picture Book blogs. When I scanned your email on my Crackberry in Teeters my bionic eye immediately plucked out the all important words; "Hermes"..."chic"..."Asprey"..."French"..."cashmere"..."Paris"... N'est-ce pas? Kiss kiss on either cheek ma chérie...XXOO


  1. So much fun. We now need your shopping list for C'ville too...and of course, where to stay. xoxo

  2. you outdid the high priestess of blonde fabulocity, GP, on you "to eat" piece! now I might just have to have a look at Cville's school de ma choice, just to eat ;)


  3. I'm giggling, drooling and trip planning all at the same time! Love it!

  4. you are making me homesick!!!!!! i can almost taste the avocado feta now. oh god, and a bodo's blt on whole wheat everything...be still my heart!

  5. Well I seem to be doing pretty well for myself. I am 4 for 9 on your list. Eggs benedict at Bluegrass last sunday was pretty phenomenal (we went straight to the counter seating in the back to avoid the line ;). Had meatloaf at Bizou last night, great minds think alike. I've been a long time fan of bodo's, for those sunday mornings after foxfield every year. I'm excited to try your suggestions off the beaten path and even more pumped to hit Ridge Road. Thanks ali!

    P.s. Eloise might wipe out my savings (way too many things added to my wishlist!)

  6. YOW ... that MaiTai site was deadly. Had to pick up a couple of scarf rings and a fox fur collar (which of course I didn't need at all). Still lusting after the Apsrey belt conversion thingy on My Little Scarf.

    Kindness of Asprey for not having a 'click to purchase' feature on their site.

  7. You MUST visit the Caspari shop Downtown on the mall! They only other shop is in Paris! Eye candy evvverywhere. Stationery, gifts, shoes, accessories, you will love it.
    And if you run out of fun things to do, mosey down 64 and visit us here in Williamsburg and have some Death by Chocolate at the Trellis.

  8. Save some of your pennies for tomorrow's post Elizabeth...XXOO

  9. I have got to stop reading your blog before breakfast!

    I may scoop up some scarf rings on my next visit to my parent's house. How fun that they are chic again!

  10. Check out the Martha's Market event (raising money for breast health for Martha Jefferson Hospital) taking place this weekend Oct. 8-10 at the John Paul Jones Arena. Great shopping and cute boutiques!

  11. i love c'ville in the fall. i order the exact same bagel at Bodo's. too funny. thanks for sharing all your fave places. i will have to check out a few when i'm up there in Nov. take care.

  12. I am so glad you know where we get pizzas. I personally prefer Hamilton's on First & Main over C&O at this point....