14 October, 2010

All The Pretty Dresses...

Dear Summer is a Verb,

I have to attend my brother-in-law's wedding in two weeks in a park in Brooklyn. I haven't a clue what to wear, I never go to weddings and especially not in October. Would you consider suggesting some autumnal style suggestions that could go for weddings and beyond this season - perhaps others would appreciate some posts with wearable chic and preppy dresses, say in the $200ish range? Gasp! I know that's nearly impossible so it could be plus a bit...


Well, Babe will be ecstatic Elle that I'm taking a break to virtual shop as opposed to the real deal. And, although I tried my darnedest to stay within budget, I'm afraid I got a weensie bit sidetracked by my uncontrollable drool factor on more than one occasion...

I decided to call in the big guns for this li'l assignment and consulted with Alice Indelicato of North River Outfitter in Boston. 'Tis true what they say about great names minds Alice cuz I was just admiring this very same Elizabeth McKay B to B dress a few nights ago...

Ahhh, you're a girl after my own like to play summer all year long heart Mrs. Indelicato. Lilly Pulitzer's Sophia dress printed is perf for those of us who are clinging to our tans with dear life....

Utterly classic choice Alice. Lilly P's Kaya dress may have just made it onto my own holiday wish list...

Cue the letdown muzak as my second string self steps up to bat...This sweet Thread Social White Floral Lace dress is eco-friendly and under $200. You'll be the winning combo of smart and pretty...

Here's where my inner Gypset rears it's Mrs. Roper head with the reveal of the Halston Heritage Short One-Shoulder Caftan...

But, I'm torn between the purple and the peach. Hmmm, would probably have to let the state of my tan decide...

I actually tried on this très Mary McFaddenesque Tie Dye dress the last time I was in Calypso and it sooo would have been mine if only I were a smidge more lanky and a smidge less squat. Some girls got all the legs...

Hold on to your wallet Elle cuz there's a curtain call tomorrow...

Kindness of Alice Indelicato from North River Outfitter for her chic contributions. I now know firsthand why our mutual friend Abbi trusts your taste implicitly. I just may have to hitch a ride on her "very own personal shopper" coattails..XXOO


  1. Thank you for all these great ideas! So glad you put LP Sophia on this list - I am in love with it but didn't know if it was too summery. Can't wait for Part II tomorrow!

  2. Oh la la!!! I love EVERYTHING by Elizabeth McKay and Lilly Pulitzer. Fabulous picks!!! Xoxo-BLC

  3. Alice is the best! I knew her waaaay back in the day when we were playmates in Austin-she has always been a class act!

  4. I just got a new Elizabeth McKay dress for fall, and I am in LOVE.

  5. I am also smittin w/ the Elizabeth McKay number! xx

  6. That Elizabeth McKay dress is so chic! Love it!

  7. What a fabulous lineup! Loving those Lilly's and the white lace too!

  8. Oh my. That LP Kaya dress is a must have!

  9. I hope my local Lilly via store gets the Kaya soon. It would be perfect for my sister's wedding!

  10. We had a family wedding this October as well. J Crew saved the day.

  11. Those one shoulder kaftans are fabulous, very chic.