13 October, 2010

Speaking Of Uniform Staples...

How ideal is this Claridge + King tuxedo shirt I stumbled across while doing my due diligence for tomorrow's post? I had never even heard of the brand til I went snoopin' around Gracie's Facebook page where my good friend Stephanie just happens to be a buyer...

Seriously, the minute the Boast polos and sweats came off, this would go on with some black leggins and Belgians...

It's theee perfect vehicle for my newest Plisse scarf tying trick courtesy of my current objet d'stalk...

The My Little Scarf blog...

I've been limbering up with my own Plisse and I'm ready and raring to be called into the game. Hmmm, think I could get away with wearing a Claridge + King shirt every day just swapping out different scarves? If ever there was an excuse to buy more Hermes...

Kindness of Stephanie Shockley DeMallie who wears many hats; dear friend...buyer for Gracie...annnd Godmother to Emma. Merci also Steph for the 411 on the cool shirttail monogramming they offer. Between that and the removable mother-of-pearl placket letting me swap in some shotgun shell studs, I'll feel just like a genuuuine card carrying member of
Club Maxminimus...XXOO

*Call the Gracie boutique in Easton, MD at 410.763.9262 to place your
Claridge + King order. Believe me, even yours truly had questions and was très grateful for the help.


  1. oh the pocketbook!!! I'm a sucker for scarves. Love these.

  2. Send in your dues. They're late!

  3. Bury me in a white shirt, hermes clad casket, please.

  4. merci beaucoup! I have a sequined black Tory Burch pencil skirt BEGGING for a tux shirt!


  5. Ahhhh I am obsessed with Claridge + King. Also, give me an oversized white shirt with black leggings and Hermes anyday!

  6. I love that shirt! I'm digging the idea of it paired with leggings and a scarf. Very stylish and perfect for any "about town" activity.

  7. Found the Claridge + King website two years ago and got two white shirts and THEN I eyed my husbands closet. I've taken every one of his shirts in to be monogrammed with his initials on the lower front tail. He finally saw the intials and asked why. I said it was all about me and when I wore his shirts I wanted his initials discreetly showing.

  8. There is nothing better than a crisp white shirt. The tuxedo shirt is to die for.

  9. Have had a single plisse for years (and a true collection of 90 carres) and never knew how to tie this knot. So yesterday I bought a 'De Madras a Zakynthos' because of this post.

    Also received my horn scarf rings (the two smaller sizes) from Mai Tai that I wouldn't have known about except via your blog referral.

  10. the plisse is tres chic. i love mine, and i hope you'll post a pic of you rocking yours. i always love to see how others wear/style them.