24 April, 2009

Belgian Loafers

" Belgian Shoes...like a bowl of biscuit batter in the South or a hanky about to be inserted into a breast pocket...can smell fear a mile away. They all have strong characteristics that must be dealt with confidently. You've gotta step up to all three with the same approach...treat 'em like you own the hell out of 'em...let 'em know who's boss...handle them with strength and aggression or the outcome will be embarrassing. They'll walk all over you" Maxminimus

Last weekend at the Lilly shindig, what has to be the most fashionable girl in G'town walked into Sherman Pickey. A friend of the store, Lele was sporting Belgian's in zebra. Now, I would never in a million years have gravitated towards that print on my own but she wore them so well that I left thinking, "sign me up for the zebra!".

Belgian loafers are to shoes, what McKinsey is to consulting. They're a fly under the radar, those in the know, we don't stoop to advertising, kind of cult item. And, over the years my much cherished Belgian collection has dwindled down to 4 pair...which somehow makes me feel as though I'm on the cusp of being bumped down to Junior Varsity level. Unfortunately, 3 pair went by the wayside after I realized I had been ordering a half size too small.

Cousin Kathleen was the recipient of my much loved, and well worn, navy with white trim. According to Lele, there is now an 18 month wait for this combo. Hmmm...now let us rethink this bad rap Indian givers get...

My first ever, and signature, Leopard pair went to one of the Phillips sisters of previously mentioned Lilly fame.

My très loud pink and green babies found a new home with my dear friend, and the origin of my Belgian knowledge, Joanie. Ohhh boy...did we go to the mat many moons ago over whether or not I would be allowed to "copy" this feature item in her enviable wardrobe.

I think I may have to put the navy with green trim at the top of my list for sentimental reasons. When my Nana passed I had hoped to inherit her pair but, alas, I was low granddaughter on the totem pole and my aunt ran off with them. That Aunt Carol gets all the good family stuff...

I've also been eying these summery beauties since a friend donned them one 4th of July at the club. Decisions, decisions...I think Babe may have been using his fortune telling skills when he mused, "now this blog is costing me money???"...

"The brilliance of the shoes was how they resembled a simple pair of penny loafers but instead of a slit to hold Lincoln's copper likeness, there was a tiny leather bow. So elegant, so correct, and so very desirable." Maxminimus

Kindness of my newest blog discovery Maxminimus for turning a blind eye towards my lifting of his brilliant Belgian quotes. And, most importantly, kindness of the très chic Clark sisters, Joanie and Allison, for bringing me into the Belgian fold all those years ago


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  2. I just knew you were going to post about these.
    I have one pair left. I sort of moved on to the ballet slipper. I grew to like them on men better, but that pale blue pair has me re-thinking.

    Please go to Kwana Writes blog post from yesterday, she has a great clip on closets. I think Babe would like it too. :)
    Happy weekend!

  3. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Ever since I saw Brigid Berlin's closet obsessively lined in Belgian Shoes I have had a perverse attraction to them. As far as fit, I gather from your post they run a half size smaller than most other shoes? I second PVE Design, lt. blue with white trim is really lovely. Thanks, Denise P.s. may I suggest a future post about your favorite shops in Gtown?

  4. Allie...Thanks for mentioning my blog. I added you to the faves list on mine and so appreciate you doing the same for me on yours. I'm about to post on seersucker and summer etc but I'm gonna give your Belgians post some big "props" first. It should be up in an hour or so.


  5. I just love grabbing my crackberry off the nightstand first thing in the am and finding lovely comments. I will most definitly be heading over to find Brigid Berlin and Kwana Writes later today. And, no, the Belgians actually run true to size. It just happened that they were my first foray into Euro sizing and I didn't know what I was doing. Tried on a friends and said, oh these fit, and proceeded to order 3 ill fitting pair. And, the Tiffany blue are becoming a bit of a siren song to me as well! Poor Babe...And, ADG, I genuinely adore your blog and have big plans for a wknd of tanning at the beach and reading past postings. XXOO Allie

  6. why are we discussing cousin kathleen when we could be saying emma is the lucky one to receive the shoes?

  7. My "Summer is a Verb" post is now up. Have fun at the beach.

  8. Hmmm...is this not the same person who turned up her nose to 4 pair of velvet Stubbs and Wootton slippers a few months back resulting in another shoe windfall for kathleen???

  9. I LOVE your blog (found it through maxminimus). We are two very different types of writers, but I really, really do like 'Summer is a Verb'.


  10. You have won a major award. Thank you for making our day.


  11. Hello there, thanks for following and I just tagged you on my blog!