04 October, 2010

Irving And Fine War Games

It may be a grainy li'l pic on Irving and Fine's Facebook page but someone literally could have cued the Bionic Woman dinkdinkdinkdinkdink sound effect as my eye zeroed in on the light blue Patmos Tunic second from the right...

But, the website doesn't have an "order" option and my email inquiry has gone unanswered...

Better dust off the big guns for this weeks's training exercise cuz rumor is the even more gorgeous silk tunics will be available soon. Need to have my plan of attack all cinched up by then...

*Turns out I sent my original email inquiry to the wrong place but, second time was the charm. Thank you Sarah at
info@irvingandfine.com for your help this morning!

Kindness of the bff Kimba who will hopefully be doing a bit of recon work for me today since Irving and Fine is carried at Capitol in downtown Charlotte. If you so choose to accept this scouting mission Kimba, call me at 7am but, not a minute before. My bionic eye needs nine hours of beauty sleep...XXOO


  1. Love these and have never seen them before. Off topic but, I am currently in cville for a week and thought you might have some insider tips for great places to shop/visit. I would appreciate any of your great advice!

  2. I'm going to await your first hand report - the lace band around the arm reminds me of old time-y sleeve garters worn by wild west bartenders.

  3. Oooh yes......The "FineLine." Really good looking.
    Reminiscent of India Hicks' style, don't you think?
    The silks will be scrumptious.
    Cheers! Ali

  4. Lovely, but not for me. The sleeves remind me too much of the Gunne Sax dresses and blouses of middle school!

  5. Love the orange jacket in the center, can wear it to host my Chinese New Years Party...any source on that one???

  6. Ahhh...that's the beautiful Irving and Fine Lamu Coat. Email Sarah at info@irvingandfine.com for the deets HW...XXOO