28 October, 2010

The Shingle's Back Up

Maxminimus asked me why I didn't stay in NYC with Babe during the week. Ummm, cuz I'd be fat and he'd be broke. Plus, I have the Ti-Babes at home to care for. Yes, I am one of those people. Insert eye roll...

Yesterday our li'l Prince (pronounced Preeeuuunce) had to be put under for a proper teeth cleaning. Mummy M.D. and Lolly R.N. rehung the shingle and prepared post op care at the beach house during the procedure while Daddy dispensed calls to each of us throughout the morning trying to allay our fears and anxieties...

Everything went very well at the vet but, it takes about 24 hours for the anesthesia to fully wear off. Thus, the Halloween eyes and Floppy Baby Syndrome...

This was Lolly's first nursing gig and she impressed us all with her high level of care...

Never leaving her patients side throughout...

Meanwhile my job was to dole out tons of kisses especially on the sad, shaved I.V. site...

And, sure enough, 24 hours later our boy started to feel and look more like his old self...

We knew so when those gorgeous blue eyes reappeared...

And, the medical team is now enjoying a respite after pulling a long, nerve wracking shift...

Kindness of the other staff at
Oceanview Animal Hospital, especially Dr. Brunori, for taking such good care of our li'l patient. Pilgie is thrilled to have reclaimed his celebrikitty status that he once held at his old vet in C'ville. Who said good looks don't open doors? XXOO

For any lucky duckies in the Palm Beach area today, Stationer On Sunrise is hosting a Preppy Cards and KEP Designs trunk show at the above address. Pshaw, as if just being in Palm Beach didn't make you lucky enough...XXOO


  1. Oh li'l Prince , so glad that you are doing better!! You are totally adorable... xo HHL

    P.S. Dolce sends Paws and licks...

  2. So precious, I hate when our giant chocolate lab, Sookie, has to be put under for surgeries/teeth cleaning (sadly the surgeries have been frequent since she eats everything in her path), but I must say that I love the "floppy baby" syndrome when she is so lovable and I can mold her to fit on the couch with me instead of just laying on top of me. Hope Prince gets better soon :)

  3. I'm one of those people, too. Lolly looks like excellent R.N. material. Glad that everyone and everything is back to normal. xo xo

  4. I love this! Your cats are so precious and I love when you post pictures!

  5. I am most definitely not one of those people, but those cats are too damn cute for their own goods.

    Hope all are recovering nicely!

  6. Love this post. Lolls is gorgeous!

  7. I seriously live for your kitty posts. I want to squeeze them to pieces. So glad all is well on the beach front now. xoxo

  8. I just addressed a kitty issue over at my comments section.

    That teeth cleanin' puttin' to sleep thing is nothing to take lightly no? My baby brother lost his big ole cat Felix due to an anesthesia reaction during teeth cleaning.

    You could take your kitties to NYC with you.

  9. Those teeth cleaning sessions are truly the pits for all involved. So glad Pilgie came through and let us see those beautiful blue eyes again. Lolly is just the best nurse along with mommy! Good wishes to you all.

  10. Clearly the rapid recovery is tied to the quality of care from staff. Obviously. They both look so, so darling!

    Sending you a smile,