18 October, 2010

Worse For The Wear

We are monopolizing all of Mummy's attention since her arrival home yesterday afternoon. After all, she did desert us for the weekend...

We have become experts at making her feel guilty for leaving us no matter how wonderful our care is...

I mean, why would anyone want to leave us???

Kindness of Aunt Julie for watching the "Ti-Babes" (merci Swamp People for our new Cajun term of endearment) while we dared to go out of town without them for a weekend. If I had known Babe had swapping out brunch at the Jockey Club for a pit stop at the Cracker Barrel up his sleeve I may have reconsidered ever leaving...XXOO


  1. Animals are experts at making us feel guilty. Maybe the kitties encouraged the Cracker Barrel meal?

  2. Adorable photos!!

    Its amazing how our furbabies, make us feel so bad for leaving them. If I leave Dolce at home and am gone for more than four hours.. when I return ~ at first its like Your Home!! Your Home!!! wagging tail.. licks... and jumps... after a few minutes I get the "Ok so where did you go that I couldn't go?"" doggie eyes.... HHL

  3. Ashes and Patty treat me the VERY same way when I return from a trip. Lolly has the cutest eyes - she almost looks as if she is wearing eyeglasses!

  4. Ahaha this is too funny! They are so precious!

  5. Fur babies have a knack for piling on the guilt. :-)