26 October, 2010

Club Gypset

I foresee a inflection point in my veeery near future that will have me ending up either a Chanel clad dowager or a too tan caftan wearin shut in...

Considering my current infatuation with the Mignot sisters of Gypset fame, there's a good chance I'm destined for the later...

They'll find me elbows deep in Hermes bangles and wearing the sisters interpretation of the traditional Mexican wedding dress. Some say wedding dress, I say every day Fenwick Island post P90Xhaustion attire...

And, I know I only packed up the bikinis mere days ago, sniffle sniffle, but I am already fantasizing about next years li'l Pucci numbers paired with the sister's Divine Tahitian black pearl necklace...

The exceptions to the "pearls with everything but a swimsuit" rule...

According to Gypset, the black pearls strung with leather "are a secret sign of belonging, sort of like a kabbalah string or a gang tattoo". Ummm, where do I sign over my first born? If Maxminimus won't let me into his all male Masons I've gotta have somewhere to turn...

Now, if anyone out there knows where to find the Mignot sister's tie-dyed miniskirts, I'm all ears. Make that, all ears AND charge swipe hand...

Kindness of
Jules Reid for turning me on to the Gypset bible. 'Twas kinda like stumbling upon the Dead Sea Scrolls for jet setting Mrs. Roper wannabees...XXOO


  1. You're choosing between Artsy Cousin and Grande Dame? Go Artsy. Brutal pearls are where it's at...

  2. Those caftans are so fun... reminds me of a fab gal standing on a balcony in the South of France with a turban, a high ball and smoking from a long cigarette holder! hahahah

  3. I rather like the mix of boho-dowager. I think you can successfully pull off both. I mean they both require unabashed living which you excel in rather well. I just want to be your courtesan artisan, sketching you in all your "get-ups!!

  4. You are so funny! That first dress would look great on you strolling through Sea Shell City! Pop over to my blog for a look at my kitties. I mentioned you, Sweets! Now off to find my Mrs. Roper wig for Halloween!

  5. Ok, here's the deal. I'll contrive a Bohemian Club/Masonic/Elks Club initiation for you...complete with secret handshakes and passwords. You just bring those topless women from that website.

  6. Oh good heavens, you can *so* pull this off, the look will be stunning on you!! We're not entirely clear on just how Babe will be attired in this scenario....?

    Sending you a smile,