29 October, 2010

Mario Badescu

Genevieve: Have you lost weight or done something different to your face?

Moi: (head whips around in a 'glimmer of hope' knee jerk reaction at the mention of weight loss) Ahhh, no. I've been eating like a pig and my skin's been a nightmare since doing IVF.

Genevieve: Well your face looks really good. Maybe it's that your skin looks really supple.

Moi: dingdingding!!! It must be my new Mario Badescu products! (chorus breaks out) Haaallelujaaah...

I was actually going to wait til I had given the line a legitimate test drive before posting about them but, "supple" was all the ringing endorsement I needed...

Merci Martha and Oprah! Mere minutes after both claiming the line as your fav I had Mario Badescu's skin care analysis questionnaire filled out and samples en route. Now, if I had known the products would also make me appear thinner, it would've been more like mere seconds...

Kindness of my sister Genevieve for using all the best adjectives. I can NOT wait til it's time to wash my supple face again...XXOO


  1. I very much wish I could use their products but since I am allergic to both sulfur and salicylic acid I can't :(

  2. I told you to use the glycolic cleanser too! I love their products! Great prices too :O)

  3. Best of luck to you. 3 IVF's just about put me around the bend.

  4. I have a nice Badescu body wash. Are you liking his products for the face better than Kiehls?

  5. They have great products, particularly the serums! Next time you are in the city, get a facial with Madonna - she's lovely!

  6. I agree, get thee to New York for a MB facial. The spa is shabby, the service can be brusque, and it is in no way shape or form relaxing... but they produce absolutely amazing results!

  7. I've been using MB products for a few years now. (By the way, they're generous w/ their samples.) Their Summer Shine lotion (I think that's what it's called) is wonderful.