01 July, 2009

Meg Carter Designs

My sister Julie's bff, Stephanie, alerted me to the pretty handcrafted jewelry by Meg Carter Designs. Included in the tipster email sent from Naples was the above pic of Lilly Pulitzer in WWD wearing one of Meg's designs. Now, Steph is a true blue prep and the first person I ever saw thread a silk scarf through her belt loops. Très chic stuff for underage pub crawls on bikes at the beach. If she's giving her prep seal of approval, I'm buying.

The Palm Beach necklace just begs to be paired with a Lilly frock or a slightly wrinkled button down, collar haphazardly up.

While the Positano prefers white jeans, a white tee and a pair of Stephen Bonanno's...

I wish these trinkets had been around when I was outfitting bridesmaids.

How perfect would these...

Or these have been for all my pretty maids?

Talk about two birds with one stone...surrounded by a bevy of pretty bridesmaids AND the perfect gift from the bride? You'll be applauded for your smashing taste and generosity. Never mind how gracious you are in your attempt to have your ladies shine almost as brightly as you.

On the top of my Meg Cater wish list are these Golden Rings dangles. Kind of takes the edge off the boyishly short new do.

The Casey dangle would go with practically everything in my summer wardrobe

But, I also love these...

And these...

Too many beautiful pieces, too little fundage.

PS...Just found out that Sherman Pickey in G'town carries Meg's designs for us lucky locals...

Kindness of Emma's fashionably smart godmother, Stephanie Shockley DeMallie...


  1. I think any one of those beauties would be fun on any summer lobe, neck, or wrist!
    I love those earrings. They say summer all year long!

  2. I own some of these and absolutely love them!! You can't go wrong with any of these pieces. I am hoping that she has a trunk show on the Cape this summer.

  3. Beautiful! I am not really an accessories fiend [bad, I know], but these are such beautiful and simple pieces they would fit right into my collection!

    I especially love that last pair of earrings.

  4. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Loving the earrings. It would be hard to choose between yesterday's selection and today's. What's a girl to do? Thanks for sharing, Denise

  5. Wow. You really do have a knack for finding nice stuff. And you have style-savvy friends...I love those earrings. The only problem is that I'm allergic to silver and can only wear 14kt gold and over through my ears. But I went over to the site and looked at everything. Beautiful.

  6. I've had my eye on some of the Meg Carter pieces for a while...they are lovely. I particularly like the earrings you've picked out.

    Have you visited www.KEPDesigns.com? Kelley Pillman has some really pretty pieces, too. I have a number of the smaller flower necklaces - I like to wear two or three as a group.

    I hope your hair appointment was a success!


  7. Fabulous pieces - thanks for the link!

  8. Gorgeous! And isn't Miss Lily still beautiful?

  9. LPC referred me to your site..., I wish I could wear something like that first piece. It's gorgeous. But I don't think I look good in bright colors..., but I do love them!

  10. BTW Maya has a beautiful blog called A Beach Lovers Place. Hence the referral to the sea-themed jewelry...

  11. I have a necklace and it is a fabulous statement piece. Love it all!

  12. It doesn't get much better than that Palm Beach necklace! I love Meg's stuff because its glamorous yet has an organic feel to it.

  13. Oh...these dangling baubles would make a beautiful addition to a sun dress this summer. Thanks for sharing; I am off to visit the site.

  14. Fabulous!!! Thank you so much for sharing!


    (I love love love your blog, by the way!)

  15. Oh my, these are all ADORABLE! My jewelry box is in major need! Thank you for sharing!