27 July, 2009

Love of Lucite Continued...

In the summer it's all about the wardrobe, beach and PTH's. I could care one lick about home decor issues. Once fall rolls around though...out come the sweats, Uggs and cashmere sweater uniform and the nesting mood sets in.

Buuut...Philippe Starck's Ghost Chair has given me cause to temporarily break out of my summer reverie.

I've become a smidge obsessed...

And, most especially for the sweet Lou Lou child's version.

And look...it's available in pink for petites filles to boot! Oui, oui talk about starting a gal off on the right preppy foot...


  1. Allie,
    Look at this: www.viceroymiami.com/spa
    Designed by Starck.

    Ghost chairs, poolside - positively ethereal......

    See, you can have your cake and......I mean chairs AND pool, too.
    Ali (WI)

  2. Who can blame you? They have always been sparkingly fabulous. Though I had to photo them earlier this year at DIFFA and it was frustrating as you could not see them... :)

  3. I quite like the blue, and that pale green, and of course the wipe-ability factor.

  4. Love, love, love. Okay, now I need one.

  5. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE lucite - I have a pair of killer lucite lamps with chrome shades. I've always been a little wary of lucite chairs as much as I admire them though.

  6. I love mine, I use it as a desk chair at my Parsons desk, a look inspired by Mary McDonald - lucite is the never-fail neutral.

  7. love that you can mix this with so many styles- and the baby pink chair- I die.

  8. I have been drooling over that magazine all week! I love that chair and completely understand the fall nesting compulsion!!!


  9. Lucite is my favorite...gorgeous!