22 July, 2009

Dress Debut Gone South

I was so excited to debut my Lilly Regency Strapless Bubble Dress this past weekend for Babe's grandparent's big 60th Wedding Anniversary shindig in Williamsburg.

I'd packed my Ferragamo Christmas purchase to prance the outfit around in...

And, my pale gold Lauren Merkin clutch to complete the look.

Then 95 South happened. Two and a half hours turned into seven, the inaugural donning of my beautiful cocktail dress was done in the front seat while Babe pumped gas, and my makeup applied in a rear view mirror. By the time we arrived, the party was long over with only immediate family and waitstaff around to witness planned prancing. Rats. Back to the Social "outfit planning" Calendar to reschedule debut...

Happy 60th Anniversary Gran and Granddaddy Richardson! Girlfriend and boyfriend from Louzzzianna since the second grade and counting...


  1. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Oy vey, 95 South. The road to HELL. FYI,
    Virginia closed most of their rest stops to save money so be sure your bladder plans accordingly for the next trip. Well, better late than never? I am sure the waitstaff loved your outfit. Oh, and the truckers. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  2. Ugh! I was excited to see pics in the dress!!!

  3. No problem. When you get back to town we'll do dinner at Cafe Milano, or somewhere else nice in Georgetown and you can wear the dress. Deal?

  4. How disappointing! I know you looked stunning because that dress is delicious and with the shoes and bag, amazing! Stupid roads. So when can you debut that beautiful dress?

    I was posting in pve's blog and I saw your post that you have a sick kitty. I'm a huge cat lover, as you can't miss if you visit my blog, so I just wanted to say that I hope your kitty is doing better.


  5. Oh how sad. I hope you and kitty will be sitting pretty for another event.

  6. Aww that's too bad, but just think, you get to wear it at another fab party again!

  7. No way. That is like Hampton's traffic which is a-w-f-u-l. I am so sorry.
    Maybe you & Babe can take his grandparents out somewhere fab & wear the outfit again? I am sad that you missed the party. :(