21 July, 2009

That Wily CK Bradley

Last week I was perusing CK Bradley's blog looking for some Newport inspiration before writing my post about Margaret Elizabeth Designs when suddenly it hit me...I am the victim of subliminal messaging!

As I perused the pics, it dawned on me...I have purchased almost every item Camilla models in her posts!

Sure you do CKB girls...First she reeled me in with the now sold out Tenley shirt, which by the way Babe is going to start hiding from me I wear it so often...

Then it was the Calidora Top, that I think I actually rocked two days in a row last week but, that's okay cuz only family could divulge that secret...

Followed up by another seemingly innocuous thank you note...clever, clever Ms. Bradley...

She even ensnared Babe in her subliminal blog pics and he fell for AND bought me the Islesboro Dress and tries to put me in it at every turn! I didn't want to wear a dress to a fried chicken dinner, Baaabe, where everyone else had on jeans. Sooo, the Tenley top and white capris it was. Again.

And, now I realize why I've been harassing Emma to get the Logan Shorts!

Then there's the Bombardino Dress that's at the top of my realistic Bday wish list (unrealistic list includes the Hermes Beach Towel and Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra loot)...Not to mention that I already own the other dress in the above picture! How long has this scheme been going on???

And, to add insult to injury I caught myself trying on the Calidora Dress (while wearing the Calidora top!) in Tickled Pink and mentally adding it to the bday request pile after leaving Blue Mercury right next door with my 8 bottles of Kiehl's Chamomile Shampoo! Uncle I say, UNCLE! That wily, wily CKB...Not only a design genius but a marketing magician as well. Well played Camilla, well played...


  1. Allie...hey. Not to be chauvanistic here but guys generally don't posit on these kind of posts. However, after living cloistered in hotels over the past week...all biz..no fun...this post was just great. Great in the ALL of the pics show people having tons of fun and loving life. I just love to see young people having a good time.

  2. I've been really impressed with CKB's customer service too- their post-sale thank you notes are super...now I'm on the quest for one of their lime slice keychains which are sold out. :(

  3. While I respectfully disagree with our friend Maxminimus regarding men posting on "these kinds of post," I want to say you are a great story teller for both boys and girls.

    The way you use pictures and captions to lay out a post is captivating.



  4. Forget the Logan shorts - I want the rubber boots!!!

    Hey, Allie. Write when you get back to DC. Then we'll harass Maxminus to meet us somewhere! That would be a great way to end the summer.

  5. I have 2 of her shorts from past seasons - AMAZING. They are totally worth it.

    How does the Calidora top fit? I miss the NY store.

  6. I'm making the trip down to Newport this weekend specifically to shop at the CKB store. Can't wait to get my hands on her summer collection!

  7. I was just thinking of ordering that Tenley? (loud I think were your words?) shirt the other day and now it's too late? : (

  8. OOOOOhhhhh...you mean this subliminal stuff is working? I'll see what other things I have up my sleeves to continue this experiment...