08 July, 2009

Doctor Fancy Pants

A couple of years ago Santa left Babe a pair of Birds of Sausilito boxers in his stocking.

I had read about the family owned company in one of my Daily Candies while still living in Charlottesville. I bought them sight unseen mostly because Megan, of the husband and wife team, had graduated from UVA.

Luxurious custom tailored boxers AND a fellow Wahoo? It was a no brainer.

Doctor Babe was getting some literal fancy pants to match his figurative ones.

The Birds boxers come in a custom fit...

And, a classic fit...

I've been eyeing up the 448 thread count, custom made Pima cotton, single needle constructed, mother-of-pearl pajamas for Santa to bring moi. Puhleeze...I'd be hard pressed to wait til 4pm to don my daily lounge wear. And, I'd most definitely be showing up at Whole Foods in my pj's more than the usual no shame amount.

And now, Birds of Sausalito has co-branded with San Fransisco's "iconic" Mulholland Brothers to offer a handpicked selection of leather goods.

Babe may be graduating from fancy pants to fancy bags.


  1. I must say, I do have a fancy for birds and artfully crafted items for gifting. Babe is one lucky graduate.

  2. I own one of those Mulholland bags. In caramel colored leather. It is so great for a weekend in Napa Valley. Pack bathing suit and coverup, yoga pants, shorts, a few dresses. Havianas. Throw bag in car. Drive car to check in, then to cottage. Take bag out of car. Feel ineffably chic. Sniff the leather when no one is looking....http://shopmulholland.com/product.htm?Product=AL320-LAR&MBSID=e45cdc0fb96abe33704f5b3e7bb89031

  3. Allie...if they don't STOP using MY BODY with that other guy's head on it to market their boxers, I'm suing. It's just wrong.


  4. ooh- I have not seen these fancy pants before, I'm so happy I stumbled onto your blog. As a fellow Wahoo married to another Wahoo (graduate school though for us, but that still counts!?) I think I must be buying some for my Mr. Southern!

  5. You lived in Cville? I'm here right now (on vacation, but I grew up here). What a small, small world!