14 July, 2009

The Lilly Love Continues

Summer is already halfway over and I still have a Lilly wish list a mile long with no end in sight.

The pièce de résistance of Lilly's Jubilee Collection is hands down the Saemus Dress and this was solidified (in my mind at least) once I saw a pic of Brooke Sheilds sporting it while hosting an event in NYC.

I've been stalking this Pucci-esque dress since I fist spied it at the Lilly Pulitzer flagship store on Madison Avenue waaay back in December.

All that's needed with this beauty is a tan and a certain pair of gold Manola Blankchecks that have been gathering dust and are ready for a comeback.

Also sighted during the Christmas outing in NYC, the Elias Dress in yellow silk dupioni. The beading is so heavy you could take out an eye pulling on over your head.

The Fiesta Dress in Lilly's Pink Tiger Lilly fits like a glove and looked puuurfect with my hot pink Ferragamo Varinas that I just happened to have on during our most recent rendezvous in the Tickled Pink dressing room.

Ditto for the Bowen Dress in Lilly's Pink Seeing Double. It's low dress on the totem pole but just too darn cute with the Varinas to pass up.

Finally, I told Babe I would definitely play his beloved Monopoly with him if we can get this edition. His golf version just isn't much of a lure for moi.

Thank you to ADG for the Manola Blankcheck quote that I will take to my grave. Still makes me laugh every time I use it...


  1. gathering dust, take out and eye...lure for moi...that's why I come back, you have such fun sayings.
    I like that about you. Monopoly, game on.

  2. Dear Aliie in Gtown,
    I must admit, the Manola Blankchecks had me giggling too. My husband loves to say Needless Markup whenever I HAVE to go to Neiman's to check out the goods. I gather from your post you scored the Varinas. Yay for you. Pictures please. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  3. Love the monopoly board. I know what you mean about the list and this year it is longer than ever!

  4. I love, love, love the Saemus dress. I have been lusting after it for awhile... How can I justify a $500 dress right now? Hmmm....I will find a way! It will be mine. Oh, yes - it will be mine.

    --DC Prep

  5. Need pics of the new Varinas!


  6. I won the Lilly monopoly game in Hopsy's giveaway earlier this year and we love it. Time to play it again now that I've just been to Lilly-Land. Soooo much more fun than the ordinary (yawn) original.

    At C.Orrico I made BigGirl try on a dress that looks very much like that Fiesta dress but has ruffles on the bottom too. It was on sale and the size 2 fit her and I begged her to let me buy it for her, but she only likes the sheaths.

  7. Anonymous- Needless Markup- love love love it!!!!

    My hubby feels the same way!

    I adore the Seamus dress- absolutely perfect!


  8. This Thursday is a happy hour event at the Madison Avenue store from 7-10. 10% of all purchases will go to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.