30 June, 2009

And the Hair Saga Continues

At a fairly young age I read a quote from C.Z. Guest that said to "find your style and stick with it". I took it as gospel. So, for as far back as I can remember, i.e. as soon as my dad relinquished control over my shorter hairstyle, I have had a bob. Sometimes it's been chin length and sometimes it's been jaw length but, a bob it's been.

A couple of years ago I momentarily lost all my marbles, went brunette and tried to grow my hair long a la Elle McPherson. Fortunately, I quickly came to my senses, rekindled my relationship with highlights and left with a slightly shorter, sportier do.

I really liked the stacking in the back but it wasn't perfect. I had a vision in my head that I was having trouble translating to my stylist.

Sooo...in I went with the above picture...and out I came with horrible razor thinning that took me a year to grow out. Back to my safe bob I went, tail between my legs...

Today I'm headed BACK to the salon, daring to try again, but this time I am armed with multiple pics including this one of an old friend. Between the preppy 80's cuts and the Laura Ashley dress, this photo is one like one stop shopping.

And, this one of my friend Joanie (of Belgian Loafer fame) sporting her newly shorn Gwyneth Paltrow in "A Perfect Murder" do. That's moi on the far right, hair bobbed, wet, and post beach per usual...

A back up pic of Linda Evangelista with her career making short cut...

And, back up, back up pic of the preppy, Chanel clad Selma Blair, minus the bangs.

Keeping my eye on the "will look fab with short hair" prize, I've realized that, funnily enough, I"m trying to reclaim my blast from the past Dorothy Hamill wedge that my dad forced upon me all those pre-bob, keep it short for swimming years. Go figure...

Kindness of Joanie DiNardo and LAN for pic use pre "intended, albeight belated" permission requests...


  1. You are so lucky.
    I have VERY curly hair which should never be cut short- unless you're into afros.
    I love bobs and unless I move to a guaranteed humid-less climate... no can do.
    She weeps.

  2. The Linda picture is so fantastic. That picture is probably 15 - 18 years old and the styling still looks great.

  3. Whatever you choose will look great on you! You have great hair!!

  4. Love your color. Good short hair is so much fun. I find the key to be having the stylist go for a few unconventional angles here and there.

  5. i loved the 'perfect murder' doo.

  6. Funny, I love Jacquetta and she lives in my "HAIR" folder which I take to my salon....she has something sharp - sassy and classic. I am always wearing a bob since my hair is so fine but I always love something easy to style! Whatever you choose, you will look great and show us the results! Please.

  7. Love your dramatic "lean back" pose in the 2nd picture! Too funny. You remind me of someone..an actress?...can't think of who...it will come to me...

    You know what? I honestly like your hair the way it is in the first 2 pics. It seems perfect for your face. I wouldn't change a thing (although I know you will)...

    And that's my 2 pennies. :)

  8. Okay, so I've seen your beautiful locks in person, and they rest perfectly well behaved atop your lovely little head. Your look is undeniably fantastic. Having said that, Selma's coif is hands-down stunning and I'm convinced that it would look absolutely divine on you -bangs and all! And, my second vote would be for Jacquetta' perpetually smart classic mane. I've long been enamored of her look. Even though you've tried it before, I doubt that it didn't look chic on you.

  9. I agree with TP&G. I like your hair in the first 2 pics. I will admit that I had a wedge for many years and it is my all time favorite do. I also like "The Perfect Murder" do.

  10. Allie,
    Can I ask you a question? You look absolutely great without makeup! Do you always go au naturelle?

  11. Agreed - the cut it the first two pics is the perfect compliment to your features!


  12. Shamefully yes although, I have Bare Minerals now and through some tutorials from my nieces I am able to make myself more presentable on special occassions. I do own a mean lip gloss collection tho...XXOO