24 July, 2009

Help Make Summer A Verb For A Kid

I joke about toughing it out at a public pool but, in reality, I am extremely blessed to have unlimited access to my lovely G'town pool when not lounging at the beach. Please, read below, and join me in supporting Bruce Main and Urban Promise in sending an inner city child to the pool for a day. Your Starbucks drinky will still be there in the morning...

I was visiting Camp Grace (one of UrbanPromise’s seven-day camps) just the other day and was reminded of the harsh realities of life in the inner city when one of my camp directors, Tony, pulled me aside.
“Bruce, our camp attendance drops 50% on Fridays,” Tony whispered.

“Why?” I asked, as I looked around to see nothing but smiling faces—kids jumping ropes, drawing pictures, singing or just hanging out with counselors.

Tony paused, leaned closer to my ear and whispered, “Our kids can’t afford the money it costs to use the pool. We usually go swimming on Fridays but it costs $7 dollars,” he lamented.

“Can’t afford it!” I nearly shouted.

“No, Bruce. It’s because the State Parks keep increasing their fees,” continued Tony. “and there are no public pools left in the city. There are no other options.”
“We can’t let that happen," Tony, I said. “I made a promise to those kids. I’ll write some of our friends,” I assured him. “We’ll get the money!”

So, here I am writing to you, for I am certain that the last thing you and I want is for Tony’s campers and others to stay in our hot and crowded city…just because of a mere $7 pool fee.
Just think, for the cost of a latte or a bagel, you could delight a child with a whole day at a swimming pool this summer.

Please consider sending one, two, three--or even four--of our children to the pool this summer. I thank you in advance. I know you will want to help.

Dr. Bruce Main

P.S. Click
here to send a camper to the pool!

Thanks for helping and have a great weekend pooling or beaching it knowing you've done the same for a child. Or more!!! XXOO Allie


  1. very sad. every child needs to learn to swim and be able to go to a pool. Count me in.

  2. Allie, you're the real thing. Way to go.

  3. Allie..just got home from my travels and sent some kids to the pool. The form requested information on the source of the request-awareness of their need-motivation for giving...here's what I told them...

    Because Allie at Summer is a Verb Blogspot told me to!!

  4. Dearest Allie,
    Because I believe in repaying kindness for kindness I am supporting your wonderful cause! Thank you for your wonderful shopping advice a few weeks ago. My daughter and husband had a lovely time in Georgetown. Sometimes we all need a reminder that it's the little things that count to kids. Have a great weekend.