07 March, 2011

Reurun: Bienvenue

It's wheels up and bikini on in about 48 hours for a couple glooorious weeks of sun worship at my parent's home in Ixtapa. I've decided to dig throughout the archives and roll out some back by popular demand reruns in my absence so that I can focus all my South of the Border energy on Emma's Tanning Challenge and converting kilometers into miles on the treadmill. See ya'll back here on the first day of Spring!

Tons of new faces 'round the hood since the NY Times mention on Sunday so, I thought it only proper to reintroduce myself and my merry band of cohorts...

Summer is a Verb is kind of a "Preppy Handbook meets The Waltons meets As the World Turns" with lots of good shopping, lots of thinking 'bout good shopping annnd lots of getting into trouble for good shopping...

My cast of recurring characters includes my beloved Templeton who is in the end stages of kidney failure buuut, bravely holding on til he's sure Mummy has all her emotional ducks in a row...

George, aka the Pilge, who has been waging a subversive campaign to have Mummy committed for Munchausen by proxy syndrome. This campaign has been fueled by an outlandish number of ER visits and it is only by the shear volume of "vet shopping" that I have survived any finger pointing thus far...

The southern college going nieces who love all things sun, fun and Lilly annnd will someday provide the apartment over the garage for their favorite aging Aunt...

Then there's Aide de Camp Lizzie. This entire blog evolved from years of daily emails swapped between the two halves of our one fashion brain. Other names frequently bandied about include bff Kimba, Uncle David of obit fame, Washington Royalty Amy, "illustrator to the bloggeratti" PVE, my notsosecret crush but, tastefully stalked Monty and good ole Belgian Shoe wearing, loud pants Maxminimus...

But, most importantly there's Babe. He's the brains and wit behind the curtain that funds the whole sheebang both emotionally and financially. As a consultant he travels the world leaving me to my own devices, i.e., as much shopping as I can sneak in between Monday and Friday, til he returns to us all at the beach house on the weekends. In a nutshell, I am one très lucky girl who gets to spend my free time writing about the people I love, the clothes that I covet and, the trouble that sometimes gets me into. Doesn't always pay to be married to a smartie pants...

Merci beaucoup to all for all the emails, tweets, BBM's and calls that have poured in since Saturday. I feel really blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family. Please don't forget me when my 15 minutes are up...XXOO


  1. Have a fabulous time sunning yourself in Mexico! xx

  2. love you then, love you now, come back with amazing color!



  3. Bon voyage. Ole! It is snowing right now where we live. I am insanely jealous. May your tan come back lovely and SPF protected!

  4. Hope you have a fantastic vacation and achieve the tan of your dreams.

  5. Have the most fabulous time! We'll keep the lights on 'til you get back :-)

  6. Please promise to wear sunscreen and have fun with your free time and devices! Come back and show us those tan lines. Me - jealous, oh no.

  7. Yes, have such a great time. That is my favorite photo of Templeton! Snif...xoxox

  8. Mein Gott in himmel...those two neices of yours are stunning....that lax playing Penn guy is damn lucky...even though we do not know which of those splendid creatures he is dating...

  9. I loved that photo of Templeton too. If I got sad looking at it, I can just imagine how you felt, Allie. Have fun - hurry back!