21 March, 2011


I'm hooome...exhausted, dehydrated, operating on a two hour deficit with laundry and cat hair up to my eyeballs but, home annnd tan...

Not to mention, seveeerely in need of a massage after luggin these South of the Border hand painted goodies in my Bean tote along with my laptop, book and other crapola for nearly eleven hours through three airports...

It took less than 30 seconds for ole Lollylocks to stake her claim on Mummy Bear's new wares...

But, the clay platter was a bit too big...

And, the chip bowl a wee too small...

But, that wooden bread bowl was juuust right...

Just another day or two to catch up on sleep since I'm only now rolling in to Daylight Savings, repair my hacked Facebook and debit card messes, Hazmat this place and, most importantly, win back the heart of one very wounded li'l soul who is mucho upset at the length of time Mummy Bear was gone. Two weeks no es bueno...

Kindness of Babe who tried very hard to get the beach house spiffied up for my arrival home. Have a good week Gorgie and hurry home to us...XXOO


  1. Welcome back! Love the bowls and so sorry about your hacking/card issues. Kitties will get over being peeved. So, time to rest up from vacation (why does it work out that way?)

  2. Welcome back! Hope you had a lovely time! I wish I was tan...

  3. By missing the first week of DST, you missed a week of dismally dark mornings! (And ask Pilge if he would rather have had you away for two weeks or be subjected to a week of extensive vacuuming, furniture re-arranging, hammering, and rug switching?)

  4. So glad you had a nice trip! Love those pictures... so precious!

  5. it does sound like you need a massage!! my best friend gave me a gift card to get one for christmas and i can't wait to do it! good luck get re-acclimated to normal life!

  6. gah, sorry about the hacking :-(

    welcome home!

  7. LOVE your finds!!! I simply ADORE Mexican pottery. Super fab. Glad you had a nice time!!!

  8. And I thought having some Tervis Tumblers was too much in my carry on this weekend! Looks like they were well worth the work! xx

  9. Was following your tweets and was so envious the entire time! Loving the goodies you brought back!!

    Be sure to enter my giveaway! Feel like you would love it!


  10. Gorgeous "souvies". I know your babies are glad you're home. It may take some really sweet talkin' on your part to garner their forgiveness ;-) XOXO

  11. Love the new bowls! I always have a horribly heavy carry on. Welcome home

  12. Oh, they are fabulous, good for you on putting up with the hassle factor to get them back. I love that Miss Lolly is showing her good taste curling up in one!

    Sending you as mile and hopes you can get the FB & debit card mess straightened out.