23 March, 2011

More For The Lenten Pipeline

Lent's giving me a time to reflect alright. Reflect on which pair of my namesake Meg Carter "Alice's Holiday" summer dangles I'd like once the self-discipline lifts...

The pink and coral would go with nearly everything in my colorful Lilly/Jules Reid/CKB heavy wardrobe...

While the teal and coral would play really well off my hard earned tan and all the summer whites I'm also virtually hoarding...

But, then if I got the lilac and green I could rely on them to bring out the green in my eyes and ditch the whole Emma or Hilary will you please do my eye makeup? scene. Yup, 32 days and ya better believe I'm counting to decide...

Kindness of
Meg Carter for appropriately adding summer colors to my Alice's Holiday dangle lineup. And, the Easter Bunny, who I hope has been doing his biceps curls, cuz I am expecting ooone heavyyy basket after this Lenten sacrifice...XXOO


  1. Oh, how I love her earrings! Perhaps all three, after so much sacrifice?

  2. oooh, i like! my favorite are the teal and coral! i'm hoping for a heavy easter basket too!

  3. After this Lent sacrifice, you're going to need them ALL! :-) XOXO

  4. I vote for the teal and coral... but one could make a case for all three.

    Happy spring!

  5. Summer! Summer! Summer! When are you coming out to California, by the way? We have summer out here, too, usually. Those teal and coral earrings are phenomenal.

  6. I love the teal & coral! I am confident your shopping charts will be overloaded come Easter! xx

  7. Def teal + coral! Gorgeous!

    Brava, Meg, another stunning design!

  8. Perhaps the Easter Bunny will leave those in your basket instead of "peeps"- I can just picture your tisket-a-tasket after these 40 dry shopping days of lent.

  9. Doesn't Lent seem longer (already) since Easter is so late this year?