02 March, 2011

The Hilbil's Effect

Looks like Hilary isn't going to suffer the same fate that poor Jessica Simpson did while dating Tony Romo...

Rob generously flew her to Penn to watch him in the season opener against the defending national champs and, not only did they defeat Duke 7 - 3 but, Rob was the only multi-goal scorer in the game to boot...

An impressive game where Penn held Duke to their program's lowest goal total in a game in 25 years...

Yup, good luck charm Hilbils was nestled in amongst the Franklin Field crowd of over a 1000 watching as her bf got the first goal just 1:24 into the game...

And, followed it up less than four minutes into the second half with BroBible.com's College Lacrosse "goal of the week"...

"A great move by Fitzpatrick, backing in and blindsiding Wigrizer with an over-the-shoulder, back-to-the-goal shot. AMAZING!!!"

All this annnd a gent. Looks like we've got ourselves another Babe in the fam...

Kindness of Hilbils for feeding us text updates from the untelevised game this past Saturday. Hope that luck can work it's magic clear from Mehico this Friday when Penn hosts Lafayette girlfriend...XXOO


  1. Hope the Quakers crush the 'Pards. As a Lehigh boy, I root for whomever is playing against Lafayette. My Dad was a Prof. at Penn for 35 years and I watched many a game there...and still cheer for the Quakers....
    Great photos and a great win!

  2. Awww. You mean there is another Babe? I really thought the mold had been broken.:)
    Cute story. Made me all teary and choked up.

  3. love this!! the beau and i were actually introduced by a dear friend, who is a men's lax coach for penn! tell hilbils to hang on to rob, lax players are the best...i should know, i'm marrying one :)

  4. Fight on, Pennsylvania. Love it!

  5. That's great! Sounds like your niece has a great guy on her hands. Of course, I'll cheer any team against Duke. :)