14 March, 2011

Rerun: Sparklies

Even though I may not play along every time, I always, always appreciate when I am tagged in a post. It goes against my natural Leoline nature but, I frequently bow out of the requisite "about moi" Q&A's knowing ya'll can only take so much. But, my favorite girl, and PTH bud, Queen Bee Swain devised such a clever game that I just couldn't resist playing along this time...

Sooo...here are my magic sparklies Katie. I'm sharing in hopes everyone will take a moment to make their own "gratitude" list cuz, ya know what they say? Being grateful attracts more things into your life to be grateful for. That's my story and I'm sticking with it...

white bikinis
a perfectly ripened cantaloupe
red sky at night
Hydrangea and Peonies
ultra chilled Vueve Cliquot Rosé
the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas
crawling into freshly laundered and ironed bed linens
salt on the tips of your lashes after a day in the ocean
spying a "Star's Weight Loss Secrets" Us Magazine cover in the checkout line
waking up sandwiched between Babe and Pilgie and Lolly
seeing the UPS man slowing as he approaches my house
seeing the UPS man slowing as he approaches my house AND Babe's not home
runs when the ground is covered in fallen leaves
Real Housewives of New York when they film in the Hamptons
Weeping Willow
a full day in the sun post highlights for that perfect storm of ideal color
all the fabulous baby names I am hoarding
a fountain Diet Coke with crushed ice and as much lemon as I can politely take
Gwyneth Paltrow movies
meeting someone with the same birthday
making Babe laugh
Knots Landing
complimenting someone on an item and having them divulge their source
watching Grand Slam tennis
having a few trump cards up my sleeve at all times
being married to a smartypants
Gin Lane
Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge
having a long lost friend find me on Facebook
my parent's cooking
celeb sightings
spying a Cardinal
stalking and scheming both of which I'm world class at
and summer, natch

Kindness of Queen Bee Swain. I could have just as easily cut and pasted your entire sparklies list Missy! Birds of a white bikini feather and all that...XXOO


  1. ...and we bloggers are grateful for you.

  2. Wonderful list, thanks for sharing!

  3. The Diet Coke with Lemon just crushed me since I gave it up for lent! (getting weak)

  4. Great and very thoughtful list!

  5. The perfect all-encompassing list! XO

  6. The perfect all-encompassing list! XO

  7. Grateful for funny (and chic) bloggers like you! Hope you are having a great time.