04 March, 2011

Pink Swap: Incoming...

The excitement of putting together our outgoing Pink Swap box had hardly waned when the incoming box of treats from KAG landed at our door...

Of course, every box that the UPS man delivers elicits the same Pavlovian response in all three of us annnd is just assumed to be communal property...

And, it's all paws on deck for opening, inspecting and never enough sniffing of all deliveries...

Lolls and I were particularly fond of the monogrammed cosmetic bag which will be perfect for packing my Bare Essentials makeup for travel...

There were also pink treats for the kitchen...

And, pink treats for my desk...

And, I do mean "treats", since Lolls has developed quite a taste for Mummy's erasers...

Nibbling them one by one down to the nub...

Yup, a bunch of sophisticated palates we have here. Erasers and ribbon, yum yum...

Kindness of KAG from Monograms and Martinis for all our fabulous loot. Although, it looks as though Mummy may have to spring for onnne more pink item in the form of some kitty friendly Pepto...XXOO


  1. Nice package for you! Why do kitties like to chew on erasers? Ours do, too.

  2. While looking at your pink goodies I noticed a pencil with a "McK" on it. I was wondering where you got it? My maiden name is McK.... so I would love to get some. Thanks for any help on this matter. MB

  3. OOooo I love swaps! Hmmmm I might have to host one myself soon!

  4. Pretty presents and one gorgeous cat!

  5. Great loot! Love that cosmetic bag...you can never have too many monogrammed items! TGIF xx

  6. Love the picture of the erasers. Made my day!!!

    Life with a Doodle

  7. Sorry MaryBeth but, it's an abbreviation for the firm my husband works for. They are extremely conservative and do not put their full name on items. Even the abbevs are hard to come by...XXOO

  8. Want, want, want the heart spatula! I'll have to track one down before next Valentines Day!

  9. How darling! I love it all! Good job, KAG!

  10. Love it all! Have a great weekend!

  11. Why don't y'all ever talk about stuff over here that boys can comment on?

    BTW Ms.VonOfftoPlaya...the Butt Police now have unmanned arial drones wiff digital caliper imaging. Y'all can run butcha can't hide.