30 March, 2011

Amulet Healing Bracelets

I was on these Amulet Healing Bracelets like Mrs. Roper on a caftan when I spied them in my Hamptons Magazine. The first order of biz, forward link to fellow hippie-phile Aide-de-camp Lizzie. Second order, narrow down my selection...

Is it gonna be the Chrysoccola to encourage love, light and daily healing? Sooo, even more adoration from Babe, please God some sun and recovery from my soon to start Insanity workouts...

The Purple Mother of Pearl to carry the gentle, peaceful healing energy of the sea, relax and soothe emotions, sensitivity and stress? Orrr, basically a good beach day to go please...

Or, the Prehnite for dreaming and remembering, increasing ability for prophecy and allowing for inner knowing. Hmmm, dreaming of being skinny and swaddled in Hermès whiiile awake and UPS delivery cometh inner alarm for when Babe is home? All rolled into one? Sounds as though we may have a winner...

Kindness of Babe who has been so buried at work these past few weeks he's only had time to glance at my posts. You just keeeeep on glancing right past those links redirecting you to pricing. I completelyyy understand Dilly...XXOO


  1. love the black for "stability and self control"-

  2. You lost me with these. Looked at prices and I just don't see the value here when you consider they are beads (albeit semi-precious) on string/cord. Those three babies could instead be Hermes bangles or a step toward the timeless VC&A Alhambra.

  3. blah blah blah helpful but more importantly so pretty!

  4. These are just gorgeous. Love the little diamond embedded in the stones. Love that you keep speaking to all us hippie prepsters:).Also, all proceeds go to equine rescue. That is pretty cool.

  5. These are lovely. Wish I could afford one or two...especially since 10% of proceeds go to equine rescue.

  6. Goodness, every time I come over here it costs me!

  7. Curious to know what kind of work out you're getting into... I need to get my skinny on too! Do share darling!

    Oh and I vote for the navy bracelet. These are lovely!