28 March, 2011

The White Party

Since I can't purchase any items on my Summer wish list I'm redirecting my energies with organizing and categorizing them so that I'll be ready once Easter arrives. Below follows my sub list du jour, the White Party...

The AG Stilt in white would get a looota mileage especially during those awkward pre and post season moments...

I've had the Meg Carter's Sook on my virtual wish list since Kimba and I had a sneak peek last summer but, it sold out so fast Meg didn't even get her hands on one. I've got like 28 more days to limber up so this time I'll be ready for the pounce...

Aide-de-camp Lizzie found this sooo up my Chrissy Snow alley Goddess Long Dress and thus began my love affair with the label Jen's Pirate Booty...

And, as luck would have it, the Jen's Pirate Booty Cha Cha Tube Top doesn't ship til the end of May. I'll be back in biz well before then...

Toying with breaking my new Longchamp each summer tradition for this cream LouenHide Switch. Another tip o' the hat to Meg Carter for the find...

Plan on rockin' my Jackie O does dinner aboard the Christina in Lilly's timeless Shayna Dress Lace...

And, thaaank goodness I got my Rachel Leigh white enamel Audrey order in just under the Lenten gun since it's temporarily sold out again. That's onnne less item the Easter Bunny has to lug in my ever expanding basket. All other interested bunnies should call 646.290.6034 to get on the wait list...

Kindness of Aide-de camp Lizzie for the Goddess Dress and, ultimately, Jen's Pirate Booty finds. It's a good thing we DON'T live in the same town girlfriend or else we'd have to touch base ever morn for fear of leaving the house dressed as the Bobbsey Twins...XXOO


  1. ...and where is the white bikini? white boaters? I spotted some young gals wearing pastel boaters and talking about white----
    white t's and white gauzy cheesecloth scarves?
    What paste do you use to get your pearly whites sharky white?

  2. Just wanted to comment that the LouenHide is made of polyurethane - something I didn't realize until after I had placed an order last time you mentioned the brand. It clearly says that the material is PU on their page and I have no idea what I was thinking when I saw that!

    Lilly has outdone itself with the lace dresses this year - you will look stunning in the Shayna!

  3. I have also been contemplating a white moment for this summer. You can call me G Diddy. (I love the floor length eyelet white Lilly.)

  4. I live in my AG stilts. Best jeans ever.

    And you know how grateful I am to Ms. Carter for the LH bag tip!

  5. The white Mel O bikini was theee very first item listed on my bikini wish list posted last month. And, I do indeed have a pair of white Tod (big girl boaters) loafers on my list but, I couldn't find a pic. Now off to google polyurethane and it's potential harmful effects on one's tan...XXOO

  6. One can never have enough white jeans and that Shayna dress is TDF! (Of course, I must always have my Lilly fix.) So glad you got the beautiful Rachel Leigh Audrey ordered in the nick of time. XOXO

  7. You mean the "ADG Stilt". Wowie. Send her please, to 22314.

  8. Can it pleaaaaaase be white season now? My pants and dresses are dying to make their debut!

  9. Good to see a new color with this fall like weather, 15+ of us went to dinner the other night and all the girls had autumnal purple because of the cold. Loving the jeans, and the handbag. I will have to catch up with your Rachel Leigh bracelet. Have the goddess dress, and the lace dress.