09 March, 2011

Rerun: The JDR Wannabe

Last year I ran the following post. I guess someone from either Coca-Cola or Burger King was reading and taking notes cuz lookie at this link that Southern Gent sent me. At least I know Babe and I have SG looking out for our "little guy" backs. And, our piece of the tacky drink pie...

Babe has developed an eponymous caffeinated morning drink that has become his signature and addiction. It's known as the "JDR" and it's ingredients are Diet Mountain Dew and orange juice...

I recommend drinking from a proper glass, like the above pictured Simon Pearce, to feel a little less Appalachian about the whole endeavor...

It is important to pour the orange juice, approximately 6oz, first to achieve the maximum "fizz" effect. We like to use the orange juice with calcium to feign health consciousness and have even gone as far as juicing organic oranges...

Follow with a full 12oz can of Diet Mountain Dew. Cans rather than bottles make for a more authentic PWT experience...

When the mixology is done correctly, it results in the perfect "Orange Julius" head of fizz which Babe swears is the best part. Cheers!!! And, best wishes in rehab...

Disclaimer...JDR's are highly addictive and reputation tarnishing. I started with just a sip and before I knew it I had a two a day habit. Undergoing IVF forced me to go cold turkey and endure some of the most debilitating headaches of my life. And, I would venture that no amount of Brooks Brothers or Hermes can trump the très declassé first impression making power a JDR has in a high level breakfast meeting with Partners and CEO's.


  1. In high school, we all used to get our breakfast at Arby's most mornings and everyone drank what we appropriately called "Fruit Dew" which was Mountain Dew and Fruit Punch mixed together... some years later they came out with a bottled red MD that was basically the same... good stuff! Hope you're enjoying your hols!!!

  2. Thanks for the repost. I now see that the proportions of my morning cocktail need to be adjusted for optimum fizz. Will update recipe to include 6 ozs of OJ + one can of Verner's ginger ale (only available in Michigan ;)). Purchase of a proper glass, big enough to accomodate said cocktail, is on the horizion.
    I have been sick for the past two weeks and this is the only thing that tastes good. Great timing on the repost.
    Hope you are having a great time in Mexico.

  3. We used to make these all the time with my old roommates -- too funny!

  4. I'm excited to give this a try! The mere mention of Orange Julius gets me excited! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This mocktail sounds good to me as well! Love hearing about fun concoctions, although, I do dislike Mountain Dew and it's creepy green color... I won't if Sprite or 7-Up would suffice?


  6. I have a Diet Dew every morning over crushed ice. It is the bomb. I may have to try this!

  7. I'm sorry... I just want to add... some Grey Goose to that!! I think I know what tomorrow night's cocktail is going to be! AFTER I get back from chillin' with Lisa Birnbach at Jmac in Westport! ;)