30 March, 2011

Annnd She Survived...

Yes, Emma survived her 21st Birthday...

And, that was quite the feat with the birthday to-do list her good friends and sister conjured up. I get nauseous just looking at it......

So, after a lacrosse game played in the rain, and the inaugural legal visit photo op at the ABC store, she turned herself over to Team Atwater and Roughton for the finishing touches to her evening's ensemble

You may be decked for maximum humiliation but you can alwaaays count on that Hilbils to make sure you are looking your absolute best while doing so...

There was cake and cocktails...

Lots of sisterly (blood and ΑΔΠ ) love for the birthday girl during the evening...

And, a weekend making, jump out from their hiding spot behind her bed, surprise visit from Emma's childhood beach bff's, Bree and Samie, pulled off seamlessly with the aid of Sally...

Looks like Sally's apple didn't fall far from the family tree as evidenced by the orchestrating of the above mentioned coup and the pics of her throughout the evening campaigning and brokering deals to get her girl's tasks fulfilled...

Yup, from the post appropriate annnd post inappropriate photo documentation, it looks like a good time was had by all...

And, everyone made it home in one piece. Apparently, Emma's computer keyboard, Hilary's Blackberry, their SUV and a head of hair didn't manage to make it through the events completely unscathed but, the Birthday girl et all were safe and, well, safe...

I think "sound" was left someone in the vicinity of checked box #15...

But, if they ever need any of the blanks filled in, they've got pleeenty of witnesses to call upon...

Kindness of Emma for not wearing any of my Jules Reid Kimonos while fulfilling the checked box #15 requirement. I have a feeling it too would have ended up on the casualty list. And, for remembering to invite the Williams-Sonoma Omelette Pan gifting Pammy to my next soirée...XXOO


  1. Happy Birthday to Emma. {First, Finest, Forever} ;-) xoxo.

  2. Happy Belated Bday Em! Looks like a GREAT time was had by all. I can hardly believe that instead of babysitting my kids this summer while we go out...you may be joining Mom, Allie and I for a night on the town! Take care of yourself and remember I am nearby if you ever need anything. xx, Kimba

  3. Happy Birthday, Emma!! So happy they survived without nary an incident and it was so sweet to have the older sister around!!

  4. Yikes! Year and a half YOUNGER sister...XXOO

  5. Such a gorgeous girl. I remember meeting her on the beach last summer. Among the beautiful flock of Frosties and fam...XO

  6. This is just fantastic!Happy Bday.

    Every bday girl should have a list like this and fantastic gfriends and sisters to celebrate with.

  7. What great friends Miss Emma has! I remember doing this on my 18th birthday, oy.

    Happy 21st year :-)

  8. How FUN!!! Looks like it was a wonderful wild time! Happy birthday to Emma!

  9. So fun! I love the checklist idea. Our oldest's girlfriend turned 21 on St Patrick's Day, and it was quite a time from the pics I've seen--never mind the ones I haven't!

  10. What a Wonderful Birthday! My friends didn't make me a 21 check list and I feel so left out! Maybe one for 25 or 30! Looks like 21 is going to be great for Emma. It was an AWESOME year for me.
    Happy Happy Belated to her!


  11. Happy belated birthday to Emma! It looks like she had so much fun!

  12. LOVE the two dresses (the black and pink), could you perhaps enlighten us as to where they are from?

  13. The black one is Rebecca Taylor and the many seasons old pink one came from South Moon Under...XXOO

  14. looks like she had a great night!! such a beautiful daughter you have!

  15. excuse me..what beautiful daughterS you have!

  16. Hey what are all those things on the list its hard to read?

  17. 1. Chug A Beer
    2. Make the Whole Bar Sing Happy Birthday to You
    3. Find the Oldest Person at the Bar and Get Them to Buy You a Drink
    4. Get a Picture With 21 Guys and Get Their Numbers
    5. Sing Kareoke
    6. Get 21 Chest Bumps
    7. Start a Conga Line
    8. Get a Free Drink From a Bartender
    9. Make Out With a Stranger
    10. Get a Piggyback Ride
    11. Do a Birthday Cake Shot
    12. Do the Chicken Dance
    13. Call Mom at Midnight and Tell Her You're Alive!
    14. Scream It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want to
    15. Have 21 drinks Throughout the Night
    16. Take a Body Shot
    17. Convince Someone You Are Famous
    18. Get 21 Signatures
    19. Slow Dance With a Stranger
    20. Get a Bartender to Make You a Signature Drink
    21. DON'T THROW UP!!