03 August, 2009

Great Minds or Just Plain Cultish

Okay, I just caught a glimpse into what outsiders see when they enter my sister's beach house. What must people think of us? What do they say when they leave?

Like, how many pair of Rainbows does it take to shod four gals...

Why let the fact that your sister has the same or similar color Longchamp stand in your way of getting it too? Pshaw, preposterous...

The bathroom I'm sharing with the girls...

And, a peek into Julie's. Tsk, tsk...right down to the Venus razors.

Just the retired arms of the CK Bradley and Vineyard Vines beach bag collection floating around the beach house. Definitely, too short a post to include the monogrammed Bean totes!

At least there's an almost 45% chance we won't have competing scents on any given day...

Salad, salad or salad for dinner??? And, the cereal cabinet...equally as creepy. Multiple boxes of Go Lean, Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats and Yogart Cheerios. Jerry Seinfeld's got nothin on us...

Every single pair the exact same brand minus the lone Nikes. And, this wasn't even all of them. Don't get me started on the matching wardrobes and dress shoes. THAT, would be embarrassing...


  1. "birds of a feather flock together!"

  2. Allie...what about the guys? Are the hubbies completely marginalized in that house?

    My sense is that they are gratified to be married-dating-betrothed to the various gals therein and are just happy to play whatever collateral role neccesary to remain included. Are they like my dad was? ... Roll in only on the weekends to resupply my mom with cash and then back to the office during the week.

  3. That is too funny! I love it! Y'all just have great taste. :-)

  4. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    If you girls start growing your hair to your waists, braiding it with a pouf on top, and sewing ankle length prairie dresses, I am sending in the deprogramming team. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  5. Hysterical - I concern with ADG - where's Babe in this mix? Does he get cut off for the summer only to spend his saturday's running in rock creek instead of down the beach and hangin' at the Volta?


    PS. Had both the Tagalong and Thin Mint Blizzards. A-Mazing.

  6. This just made me smile! Flip flops, cute totes...everything summer :)


    PS. Check out my blog--I'm currently hosting a jewelry giveaway!

  7. Just us hens and chicks here. My sister's a divorcée and Babe falls into your father's category. Rolls in on the wknds unless, of course, he happens to be working in a glorious city, in which case I go to him and bleed him dry of all his Starwood points at swanky hotels. I take my role as "wife of" très seriously ;)

  8. Love it!

    And what's cool is that everyone knows exactly which pair of Rainbows is theirs from the otherwise "the all look alike" (to a total outsider) pile.

  9. So adorable. My sisters and I have had similar experiences. In the days we didn't see eachother often we would show up somewhere only to find ourselves all three dressed almost identically. Kiehl's and Kerastase, check. Although I find myself these days not liking the scent of the Kerastase products and moving to Purology. Have you ever tried their stuff?

  10. I really enjjoyed reading this post, it was sooo funny but soo true! The same exact thing happens in my family!

  11. I also found it funny that when I was reading through a community cookbook and thought "yum, that sounds delicious" it was almost always a recipe submitted by my aunt or grandmother.

  12. Who wears the Cristalle? That has been one of my faves for years. I still have one of those Cristalle bath/dusting powder cannisters which they don't even make anymore!

  13. What a fun post! I'd love to see a future matching/similar clothes dress shoes. BTW, I think I might be one of your long lost sisters!