19 August, 2009

Julie and Julia

It was well worth the wait and sooo much better than the book. The only drawback with Julie and Julia is that you leave the theater famished. Famished for fattening, fine french food...

My parents not only had the good fortune of meeting the Julia Child but, also the enviable fortune sharing a meal with her. There's my mom, dressed in her finest German woolens, cozying up to the "La Grande Dame of French Fare". Oh mom...you wouldn't sit in the front row of the Chanel show wearing Valentino now would you???

How come these types of opportunities don't seem to exist once you have the wits to realize how special and rare they are? Julia Child, Bobby Short and Lynard Skynard...three moments in time I'll never get back...

I did attend a luncheon with Martha Stewart once, along with about 100 other fans. And, I'm not complaining, believe me, but Julia Child trumps Martha Stewart. Even if Martha did spin a finer sugar nest around her Croquembouche with her tricked out whisk on her Christmas Special. It was rigged I tell ya!

So, even though my parents dined with Julia Child, on a meal made by Michel Richards without me, they knew that one day I would appreciate the moment and were thoughtful enough to bring me a signed copy of Julia's book, Cooking With Master Chefs (while snagging Michel's for themselves). And, post the Julie and Julia movie, I'm just so inclined to christen it...

As a little bonus for those of you that have already seen the movie, and left drooling as I did, here's the link for the Raspberry Bavarian Cream recipe that looked so delish...

Kindness of my mom for taking the ribbing in the spirit that it was intended. It's actually my father that's the true Germanophile...XXOO


  1. In the late 90's my husband's agency promo'd Julia's visit to our city, resulting in: PrimePhotoOps.

    This is a classic.
    Julia lumbered over to and perched in a chair at an unskirted table, positioning herself in a less than flattering, splayed pose from her waist down.
    Julia was wearing a skirt, knee high, nude-tone stockings and rather cumbersome, orthopedic looking shoes (but they were COMFORTABLE...)

    Surmise what you will: It was a hot, sticky August day and the air had to circulate.....I've already given too much info.

    Did I mention the photographer was floor level and the table Julia sat at was on a riser?
    There, conjure up your own images.........Ali (WI)

  2. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Your parents must have been over the moon. To meet and eat with the grand dame herself was truly a once in lifetime opportunity. I still remember my mom watching Julia on PBS when I a child. What I remember most was at the end of the show she would pour out a great big glass of wine for herself, describing why it was the perfect accompaniment to the meal she had just cooked. Memories...Thanks for sharing, Denise

  3. What a wonderful photo of your parents and Julia! Did they realise then what a special moment it was?

    I cant wait to see the movie!

  4. How fabulous -what a special photograph of your parents! I saw the movie and loved it!! I mean -food, blogging and Julia -all in one movie -whats not to love?

  5. thanks for following my blog !

  6. I remember that event. I was living with a chef for a couple of years, so was very tuned in to the culinary scene in B-more.

    We need to get your parents together with my chef friend who lives about 10 feet away from them!!!

  7. It's so funny, at those moments when we touch history we have no idea, do we?

  8. PBS has been airing old French Chef episodes that are so funny!
    Julia was one of a kind in her day. If you get a chance to see any of the Bon Apetit specials, watch, cause it makes me laugh the way she smashes and crashes around the kitchen all the while producing the most delicious food. CANNOT wait to see the movie and CANNOT wait to see you next month!!

  9. how cool that your folks saved the invite!

    a former client of mine in Cambridge had Mrs. Child as a client. Brave soul that she is, she invited Mrs. C. for lunch and prepared it herself!

  10. That's so neat! And that first comment is hilarious!

    I've moved: http://wellladida.blogspot.com/


  11. Just saw the movie and love, love, love this post!!!

  12. Glad to hear the movie was great, I cannot wait to see it!! And what at neat story about your parents dining with Julie Child. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Glad to hear the movie was great, I cannot wait to see it!! And what at neat story about your parents dining with Julie Child. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I saw it and loved it and immediately headed straight for our local bakery for anything that sounded like Julia would approve, and then said, "bon appetite!"
    I loved it, food, passion, blogging and just pure inspiration...Your parents look super! What a treasure!

  15. that is just incredible- thank you for sharing this slice of divine providence with us!

    PS- I remember watching that exact episode of Martha with my mum and sis when I was growing up and that mum pointed out that Martha's was very Parisian while JC's was very Provencal- I had been wanting a good example after I did some reading as a little tot between the two- how I loved the Provencal version!


  16. What a fantastic picture and memory. Wow! I'm dying to see the picture. Didn't Julia marry one of the Cushings of Rhode Island Cushings? That family home (in Newport? WatchHill?) is the one used for the movie setting Evening (it's gorgeous)...AND is featured in the Privileged Life book. (duh)..

    When I first saw the trailers I thought, wait...there is some familiarity to these characters. Then I remembered that Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci were paired up in Devil Wears Prada. I wonder if she requested him. Interesting. Okay, enough of my morning rambling...