11 August, 2009

The NYC Take

Like I mentioned last week, I was exceptionally well behaved in NYC but, I still managed to pull a few rabbits out of my shopping hat...

First order of business was exchanging my neon pink Juno dress at Calypso for the beautiful "coconut" pale yellow one that aide-de-camp Lizzie had alerted me to the previous day. Much, much better...

Next trick up my sleeve...a Calypso store credit which helped me snag the Malia dress in navy. Babe was a huge fan of this in store try on and there's a strong possibility it would have sold itself, credit or no credit. I should add that it's much more "navy" and less bright blue than it's showing in my pic.

My sister Julie loved it so much upon my return to the beach that she immediately ordered it in the pale pink. Turns out, in person the "pink" is more of a "dusty rose" sooo...it's headed back to Calypso for a navy swap...

Now, once Babe was safely tucked in for a nap back at the Reeg, I tra-la-la-la-laaa'd it back up Madison Avenue for just a 'lil "ice blue" addition to my Calypso Love Scarf collection...

And, it took some real restraint to NOT buy the long Poet Dress in Navy. I hope Babe appreciates the temporary sacrifice I made. Let's see if he catches that...

Also, accompanying me back to the beach? Many blisters that have required days of medicated patch wearing and a hiatus from running...

The culprits...a hardly ever worn yet pair of hot pink Bonannos and a brand spankin new pair of Rainbows. Rookie mistake a shopper of my caliber should not have made...

A big thank you to Jessica Condatore at The Love List for naming me as one of her favorite blogs. Everyone has just been so darn nice...


  1. Ouch, who knew shopping would cause such wounds.

  2. Looooved the Poet dress too, Allie.

  3. Allie...we love you over here...in a brother-sisterly way. However, please don't post any more of the gnarly feet blister pics. We refuse to visualize you that way!

    ADG and LFG

  4. Love the Calypso finds... and the feet- ouch.

  5. WOW! I wasn't expecting the last two pics! I was happily sipping my coffee and looking at your beautiful finds (love the scarf!) when all of the sudden....eek! Hope those things heal quickly! : )


  6. WOW - those blisters are bad! At least you got some new goodies to make them feel better!!!

  7. Battle wounds-but well worth it!
    There's no keeping a good-shopping-woman down. I recently had a similar bump on my foot from dropping a good bottle of wine...thankfully I saved the wine. OUCH!!!

  8. Just came back from a morning run to a "distress email" from Babe horrified at my "medical text book pictures of blisters". All part of my Machiavellian master plan to distract him from noticing my Poet Dress lust and intent. But, I will concede that maybe I should have learned a lesson from George Costanza about shrinkage and wrinkling after a full day of swimming in the ocean. My feet are now wearing dark, Jackie O shades and lying low until "blistergate" blows over...XXOO

  9. Ouch!!! I do believe a hiatus is in order for those poor piggies!!!! Kick 'em up and relax, girly! You deserve a break!!!


  10. Oh, honey!! Those feet. Please re-read ADG's post.

    Love ya, anyway!!

  11. Love your selections! And thanks for visiting my blog- I have the necklace in silver, but am coveting the gold version.

  12. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    I made the same rookie mistake last year during an after Christmas sale shopping trip with my eldest daughter. By the end of the day I was close to walking around Tysons barefoot. I even tried to buy a pair of shoes to accommodate my aching feet but at that point they were beyond relief. Arrggghhh. Phantom pains. Love the loot, betcha you go back for the last dress. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  13. Ouch! But the purchases are well worse the pain!!

  14. Fabulous finds! Oh your poor feet, OUCH!

  15. I hope you are back on your feet soon! Fashion needs you. We need you!

    I am still mourning the loss of the Calypso OUTLET that was my little shopping secret in Riverhead, NY. A rainy day in the Hamptons, you could find me there. Heaven. Why oh why did it have to close. Sob! sob!