14 August, 2009

Tie-Dye Cake

My weakness for tie-dye has evolved. No longer just an appreciation for the "Mrs. Roper meets Jerry Garcia" style I gravitate towards in Calypso but, now I'm getting my hippie on with cake too.

The original recipe for this first cake is a "diet" edition but, since I don't "diet and cake" myself, I'm going to suggest following the directions on any ole white cake box mix...

And, just pay attention to the critical steps concerning the dynamics of the tie-dye effect...

Or just just whip us this easy bunt version. That way you can have your cake and beach time too!

Kindness of the Lilly blog where I originally saw the diet tie-dye cake and bff Kimba for the bunt version. Takes one Mrs. Roper wannabe to recognize another...XXOO


  1. I like your cake colors better - Did it rise just like a regular white cake though?

  2. I love this. Next up, peace sign brownies? Yin and yang muffins? Hey, I was there...

  3. That would be so fun for a sumemr party!

  4. I love this--so easy! I am trying this soon--just hope it comes out nearly as pretty as the pictures. :)

  5. "Mrs. Roper meets Jerry Garcia"

    ha! i love it!!!

    i couldn't love/want this more ... SO YUMMY!


  6. Ok...I'm thinkin' that when I send LFG over...y'all should make that.

    ADG and LFG

  7. You must have used paste food coloring -not the run of the mill McCormick's food coloring - great colors!